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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: The mysterious statue comes to Oswal Mansion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Oct 26, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Simar trying to wear a bracelet and injuring his hand. He checks the size and thinks it’s my size, so why couldn’t I wear it? He applies some oil and tries to put it on her hand. His hand hurts more and he starts to bleed. Guru ji tells Sadhvi ji that there is some danger. Sadhvi ji prays for Simar and his relatives. Reema gets there and asks Simar to come over. She sees blood flowing from his hand and asks how you got hurt. Simar says that it is not a big deal and says that Aarav ji gave me this kada and that he was trying to use it. Reema says that she prays that no evil eye falls on Aarav and your love and our family. Sandhya and Chitra open the gift and the check. Badima asks them to make a gift list. Reema says you’re going to open without me, I’ll open the present too. Chitra asks Simar to bring some scissors. Simar puts Kada on the table and leaves. She goes out and gives everyone tea, etc. Kada falls off the table and runs out of the house. Aarav asks Simar why he didn’t wear a bracelet. Simar says that she is hurt, but she will use it. She enters.

Sadhvi ji thinks to alert Simar, but she does not answer the call. Kavya finds gold coins in the gift box while Reema gets designer saris. Chitra looks at the big gift box and says what might be inside. Simar looks for her bracelet. The bracelet comes out near Aarav. Giriraj tells Gajendra that they want to take leave from her. Vivaan and Reyansh ask Aarav to tell them. Aarav says that this was our plan. Vivaan says we wanted… Gajendra says just for today. Aarav asks why you give them permission, Badima doesn’t like it. Simar says if Sandhya Maa and Chitra Chachi ever found out. Aarav says no, I’ll give you both cold coffee. The bracelet rolls as soon as Aarav leaves. Simar walks in and sees Diya in it. Aarav enters the house. Kada turns around and follows him inside. Someone’s eyes are visible. Badima says that all the people who sent the gift have been noted, but it is not known who sent the gift. Sandhya checks and says that she doesn’t know when or who gave this away. Badima calls Simar.

Simar approaches her. Badima asks who has sent this gift. Simar says that he sent this great gift but did not write the name. Simar looks for the kada near the gift box and tries to get it out, but it seems that the bracelet is stuck. Aarav reaches there and takes the bracelet from there. He says that this is the value of my gift. Simar says that he couldn’t choose it, but he chose it. He says that he wants to take her away from here. He uses it easily. Simar says that when you forced me to put it on, he slipped off easily. Vivaan arrives and takes Aarav with him. Maharaj ji approaches Simar and gives him his phone number. Simar takes the phone from Sadhvi ji, who tells him that an evil force has entered his house. Simar finds the lamps in the house turned off. Aarav is about to hit the firecracker bomb but manages to move, the firecracker bomb goes inside the house and hits the gift box. The gift box begins to burn. Simar Badima screams. Aarav tries to put out the fire and puts a blanket over him. A fire goes out. Everyone looks at the statue as the cartoon burns. Badima says who has sent this idol. Aarav says that he visited a store and got this bracelet from this idol. He says that he had asked the merchant to store it in his shop and says that he could have sent it here. They say that the merchant was saying that this idol is inauspicious and… Badima calls him ugly and asks them to see the marks on his face. Gajendra says why an idol would make such an idol. Chitra asks if someone made fun of that or took revenge on us.

Precap: Aarav brings the idol to the store and keeps it. As he is about to leave, things begin to fall to stop him. Simar gets there and shouts Aarav ji. She looks into the eyes of the idol.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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