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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhami’s fake father threatens elder mother

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26 May 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Dhami introducing Aarav as her husband. Aarav does not let her hold his hand. Dhami says Aru is upset with me and asks her to congratulate her parents. Gaurav says you are kids now, I hope you get adjusted. Her mother tells that they are now a family. Gaurav tells Aarav that he is happy to meet him and gives him an omen. Dhami says I want you both the head of the house to meet Badi Maa and says she is upset with me, but she has a sweet heart. Gaurav asks Badi Maa if he can touch her feet and says that his heart is in India. He says that he has bought an island and will name it Hindustan. He touched the feet of the elder mother. Gaurav and his wife greet and hug Sandhya and Gajendra. Dhami’s mother took off Sandhya’s ring. Simar asks Dhami, why didn’t the doctor come. Her mother asks who is she? Dhami says not important. Simar asks Dhami why the doctor didn’t come. His mother asks him where is the doctor? Dhami says Simar thinks I have killed my doctor, a cold blooded murder. Her father asks how dare she say that, why didn’t you pull her tongue. Dhami asks her mother to take her to the room. She asks him to rest and calm down. She says I have invited Dr Rao, if he does not come then what is my mistake. Then Dr. Rao comes there. Reema thinks that he is dead. Dhami sis you are late as usual. She says this is my doctor and says she is my philosopher and guide. She says you can see her ID card. Simar says how can it be possible. The officer asks Simar to think twice before calling again. Badi Maa calls Maharaj and asks him to take him to the room. Dhami says I will take them. Badi Maa tells Simar that she will find some way out. She asks Gajendra to ask about Mr and Mrs Kapoor. Gajendra said ok. Reema and Simar are holding each other’s hand.

Dhami takes her fake parents and fake doctor to the room. Gaurav says it is good. Dhami asks why didn’t you come on time. His fake mother explains that he was late in making the American paper. Gaurav asks him to deposit the money in his account, which he had given to Aarav as an omen. Dhami looks furious. His fake mother shows the ring. Dhami scolds him for stealing the ring and asks him not to do any wrong. The fake tells Dr. Dhami that he will handle everything. Dhami says no one will know about my past history, and says there will be no mistake, and says if you do this, I will drown you all that you will die of thirst. She says if Simar thinks of snatching my Aaru then no one is foolish than her.

Simar apologizes to Aarav. Aarav feels sorry that he had to suffer so much because of him. She says today is the important day of my life, as I danced with you. She holds the hair of her eyebrows on his hand. He strikes at her and hopes that such a magical day will come again and again. Ranjhana plays… Dhami comes there and calls Aarav. She asks what is it, and asks don’t you know my parents are here, and says as long as they are here, I don’t want any drama. Aarav leaves from there. Dhami threatens Simar that a black storm is about to come. Simar says unable to see it in the fog created by you, says she is very curious to know his truth. Dhami says I am winning and you are losing. Simar says very soon, your water and food will end here. Dhami says in the dream and leaves.

A man tells the elder mother and Gajendra that Gaurav Kapoor is a big investor and has several businesses. Gajendra says they can be really rich. Gaurav comes there and tells that it is good that they hired someone to research them, as he doesn’t really know how many businesses he has. He tells about his village Panditji and then distracts them. He sees Simar and Sandhya serving idlis on the table and gets happy. The elder mother says that she is planning to book a 5 star hotel for them. He agrees, but Dhami comes and says that his parents will stay here with him. With what does the elder mother say? His fake mother says this is the house of my daughter and son-in-law. Badi Maa says that this is not her house, and says that she is neither our daughter-in-law nor Aarav’s wife.

Pride shouted. The elder mother shows her hand to stop him. She tells them that Dhami is after Aarav, who is already married. Gaurav says Dhami got good IQ from his father. He tells that he has planned before coming here and will prove that Simar and Aarav’s marriage is illegal, and she may go to jail. He says I can take Aarav to America, as the marriage took place there. Everyone is surprised.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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