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Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chaaya and Mayakshi to kill Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Simar leaving the room and wondering why no one turned off the lights. Mayakshi approaches Rudra and tells him that Chhaya is not unfaithful to him, she did as she asked. Rudra says that I have heard your confession, that you were with Chhaya in this deception. He attacks her and says you want to go ahead of me. Mayakshi says that we are doing what you want us to do and that we will always be with you. Rudra drops her and asks what do I want? Mayakshi says that you want Reema’s body to save our mother, but it can’t happen until Simar gets out of our way. Rudra says that I am not afraid of Simar. Mayakshi says that it is your big misunderstanding, maybe you have forgotten what he has done to you. She says if you’re powerful, she’s very powerful too, she was then and she is now, and she says we have to get her out of our way. Simar goes out to the balcony and is surprised. He could not see Rudra and Mayakshi as they are invisible to her. She comes to the living room. Chhaya yells for Simar. Simar looks around her and says why do I feel like someone is here when no one is. She thinks the door is open too, I have to talk to Hari Bhaiya in the morning. She closes the door. Chhaya calls Simar again. Simar leaves and the vase falls to the ground. Mayakshi says if Simar sees Chhaya locked in the bottle. So Simar leaves after hearing Aarav’s voice. Mayakshi and Rudra smile.

Mayakshi asks Rudra if he saw how dangerous she is. She tells Simar that she had magical water food, but she wakes up and comes here, asking him to understand that everything she did is okay. She says that Simar is not an ordinary woman and only her relative can kill her. She says just 2 more days then our enemy will be done. He says I need shade for her. Rudra slams into the ground and the tea comes out of her bottle. Rudra says that if you try to trick me, then I will give you the last chance. Chhaya says that I will not break your trust, our love is 100 years old, I will complete your work. She says that Mayakshi will stay with you. Mayakshi says that everyone here recognizes me. Rudra says that I give you until tomorrow to receive the news of Simar’s death.

The next day, Aarav, Simar and Vivaan serve the girls food and clean their feet. Badima asks Vivaan where Reema is. Vivaan says that she went to the market to prepare for the night. Simar says that Reema di likes doing this puja. She worries. Badima waits for Reema to arrive. Chhaya is in the room and thinks that she can’t come out until Pooja is over. Vivaan enters the room and Reema hurries out. She says that she needs a hot bath. She asks if she’s okay. she says if Chhaya asks her to give the preview of the surprise they have planned. Vivaan says that she is fine and leaves. When the puja ends, Badima asks Simar to rest. Vivaan calls everyone and says that they have a special announcement for Simar Bhabhi and tells them that they have planned a surprise. He says there will be a special dandiya today, and Simar Bhabhi is the special guest. Badima asks what will happen in this. Vivaan says it will be a good dance, dhamaal etc. Chhaya thinks about freeing herself from Rudra’s clutches, for this she has to kill Simar. She thinks that she will then become Vivaan. She gets there and says you won’t get tired and your special outfits have arrived. Simar says Di, I’m impressed. She says it means a lot to me. Chhaya says you can’t forget tonight.

Aarav is ready for dandiya. Simar says that he looks elegant. Aarav says that my attraction is the same and he says that I can’t tell you that for you. Simar says that he was working in the kitchen for a long time. She comes and goes ready. She asks if I look so good that you can’t say anything and asks him to handle her conscience, and she says I’m not quite ready yet. Aarav narrates poetry and says tell the moon, hide its moonlight because my madness will shine in the stars. Simar says let me get ready. She plays Mahiya’s song…Aarav approaches Simar and forces her to wear jewelry. Simmar smiles.

Precap: Mayakshi comes in disguise and tells Chhaya that today they will kill their enemy. Chhaya looks at the sharp knife with the dandiya.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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