Sasural Genda Phool 2 March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Titli gives Ishaan a birthday present

Sasural Genda Phool 2 March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Titli gives Ishaan a birthday present

Sasural Genda Phool 2 March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Titli gives Ishaan a birthday present

Sasural Genda Phool 2 25 March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Ishaan feeds cake to his family and Avni. The butterfly stands up silently and watches. Ishaan thanks Avni for bringing him his favorite flavored cake. Avni tells that Rano informed her. Ishaan appreciates Rano for his progressive thinking and celebrating his birthday at 12 pm. Rano asks Avni to leave the house. Ishaan requests Inder to drop Avni as he needs to be present at his office early tomorrow. Inder agrees. Titli goes back to the room and pretends to be sleeping seeing Ishaan coming. Ishaan closed the door and lay down on the sofa. Thank you for visiting Rano Avni. Avni says she should not have come as Rano’s problem with Titli is her problem, Ishaan is now married to Titli and it is not appropriate to interfere between them. Rano says it is a fake marriage. Avni says that they married each other legally and Rano should accept their marriage and make sure they love each other, forgetting their vengeance on Titli. Rano gets up thinking.

The next morning, Titli returns from the temple and shows the aarti to Ishaan and gives him prasad. He asks if she went to the temple with Badima. He is shocked and asks who she really is, sometimes she becomes an accountant girl, sometimes a cook, sometimes a devotee Titli Devi. She gifts him a T-shirt. He says that this is his favorite color and he wanted to buy a shirt or T-shirt of this colour. He says that he has taken leave from office to celebrate his birthday with his family, he will order food and party. She says that her family wants her to go to a restaurant. They say they want to, but since Butterfly can’t go out, they will all enjoy at home. Titli is happy to hear that she canceled the family outing because of her. She imagines walking up to him and hugging him. Ishaan walks up to her wearing a T-shirt and pulls her out of the dream.

Dadi serves the cake to Grandpa and informs about Ishaan’s birthday cake. He asks why did they not allow them to attend the function. Dadi says Rano organized it at 12 o’clock and he was sleeping at that time. He gets frustrated and asks if Titli enjoyed cutting the cake. Dadi says she was not invited. Grandfather becomes furious at her for causing favoritism in their house and says that if this continues, their family will be torn apart.

Disha gets upset seeing her creditor’s call. Rajni comes in and gives him money for her mother’s operation. Disha enthusiastically thanked him. Rajni wants to meet her mother. Disha says that she will go to Golu’s school first, so will go alone. Rajni got suspicious.

Ishaan goes downstairs. Ishika and Mithi praised her new dressing style. He tells that Titli was a gift to him. Rano asks why he didn’t wear her gifted shirt. He says it is a formal shirt and he will wear it some other day. Rano brings kheer for her. He says that Badima feeds him kheer every year. Rano says didi is unwell, so she brought him kheer. Ishaan looks at Badima standing with Kheer. Badima goes back feeling sad. Rano feeds him kheer. Ishika takes Kheer for Titli and tells that Badima makes Kheer on everyone’s birthday and first serves it to God. Titli says that Badima had informed her about it. Ishika says that Rano made kheer this time. Titli understands the issue and asks where is Ishaan now.

Ishaan, lying on Badima’s lap, gets emotional and says that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Badima consoles him saying that his mother also has a right over him. She asks him to return to her room, while she brings the kheer to her room after reheating. Titli overhears their conversation and goes back to the room. Ishaan returned to the room. Titli sets Rano’s gifted shirt in a hanger and requests her to wear it tomorrow to please Rano. he agrees. Badima comes inside and feeds them kheer. Titli says that Ishaan is lucky that he has 2 mothers, but he does not even have 1 mother. She feels sad.

Precap: Badima feeds kheer to Ishaan and Titli.
Ishaan cleaned the kheer from the lips of the butterfly. Rano asks Ishaan to sign the divorce papers.

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