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Sanjog 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Gauri creates a rift between Amrita and Tara

Sanjog Nov 9, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Rajeev yells at Amrita and says why did you scold Tara? An angry Tara locks Chanda in a room. Amrita gets there and leads Chanda out of the room. Chanda says he locked me inside. Tara says no. Amrita says don’t lie. Gauri gets there and says that she had locked the room by mistake, that it wasn’t Tara. Amrita asks Tara to tell the truth. Tara says you trust her more than me? Tell me, do you trust me or Chandni? Rajiv yells that how dare you give Tara’s gift to Chandini? He takes it to Tara. Tara says that I really like her. Rajeev asks Amrita to stay away from Tara for a few days. Gauri smiled. Amrita sadly leaves.

Amrita arrives at the temple and prays for Tara. Chanda prays with him. Amrita thinks I want Tara and Chanda to love each other like sisters.

Gauri reaches Gopal and says that our plan is working. Gopal says that I came to know that Tara is our daughter, but I can’t even hug her, I can’t do that now. Gauri says can we leave Chanda? Gopal says no, I love you both. Gauri says that now we have 4 children. Tara is ours too, but we need money to take care of her, so she trusts me. Soon I will have 4 children. Gopal says I trust you. Gauri hugs him, listens to something and leaves.

Lakshita walks towards the hall when Gauri follows her. Lakshita arrives at Rajiv’s room and hugs him. Gauri hides and sees them. She makes the videos of her. Rajeev tells Lakshita that he can’t wait to officially make you mine and leaves. Gauri enters the room and smiles.

Amrita brings food for Tara but she ignores him. Rajeev tells Amrita that she will bring him some food. He goes with her. Amrita says I’ll catch up with Tara soon.

Gauri tells Lakshya that I have evidence against your affair. Lakshita yells what are you doing here? Gauri says I’ve seen you break up your friend’s relationship. Lakshita tries to slap him but Gauri stops him and tells him I’m not stingy like you. Lakshita says what do you want? Gauri says don’t tell Rajiv about this, you’ll do what you say. She gets out of there.

Amrita is cooking food in the kitchen. Masa arrives there and asks Gauri what is going on. Gauri says that Amrita is making pancakes. Mass goes. Amrita says that I will make a cake for Tara. Gauri smiles and thinks of a thought. Amrita gets out of there. She messes up her cake and sprays the water on her, leaves. Amrita returns to the kitchen and checks her cake. She puts it in the box and drinks water. She feels dizzy and falls asleep.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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