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Sanjog 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Tara & Chandini’s first day at school

Sanjog Oct 11, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Masa asks Amrita how dare she give Chandini her last name. Amrita says that Tara won’t go to school with Chandini, so I had to do this. Tara arrives there and Rajni tells her that you are brave, that you don’t need anyone to support you at school. Tara says yes, I am brave, I will go to school alone. Chanda cried upon hearing this. Amrita thinks that if Tara goes alone, Chanda will never be able to go to school. Tara is ready to leave but Amrita stops her, she asks her to read the word ‘Khatra’ but Chanda can’t read it. Tara asks what is this? Amrita says that if you and Chandni are alone and get into trouble, Chandni won’t be able to read the signs, so she won’t be able to help you. Tara says yes, she needs to study so she can read the signs and help me in danger. Chanda says yes, I will go to school. Tara sits in the back of the car but Rajni asks Chanda to sit up front since you don’t own it. Seeing Chanda going to school, Gopal hides and smiles. They go. Amrita smiles.

Gauri prepares the food and brings it to Masa. Masa asked what happened. Gauri says I feel sorry for you, I have cooked food for you, can you taste it? Masa tries it and says it’s good. Gauri massages her feet and says that she should allow me to massage as needed. Masa says that I don’t know anyone who can massage my feet. Gauri says that I know someone who is good at massaging. Alok gets there so Gauri covers his face. Alok congratulates Masa. He goes to meet Amrita but finds Lakshita there. She freaks out when she sees him. Alok leaves from there.

Alok catches Rajiv and tells him that I told you to stay away from Lakshita, why is she here? Rajeev says that he didn’t want her to stay here, but Amrita allowed Lakshita to stay here against my wish. Can you ask them. He tells Alok that because of Amrita you kept quiet about my affair with Lakshita for years, so I hope you keep doing the same in the future as well. Alok leaves. Target smiled.

Alok asks Amrita why you let Lakshita stay here. Amrita says that she had to put up with a lot, she is my best friend. Alok says that he has already allowed Meenakshi (Gauri) and Chandini to enter the house. You must first think about your life. He just asks Lakshita, Meenakshi and Chandini to leave. Amrita says I have to go to school, I’ll talk to you later.

Amrita and Alok leave the house. Gauri is there, he greets Alok and looks away. Alok asks why are you scared? Have you committed any crime? Gauri says that I’m not afraid of anyone but that normally the police ask for money but I don’t have it. Amrita says my brother is an honest cop. Alok asks who asked you for money. Amrita says we’re getting late, so let’s go. Amrita sits in the car. Gauri is sitting with him in front. She thanks him for giving her the sari. Amrita thinks I can’t tell Alok that Meenakshi is part of a gang of thieves, I can’t lose my Chandni, I’ll tell him when the time is right.

Tara and Chandini arrive at the school. Tara helps him with his schoolwork.

Amrita and Gauri are in the car. Gauri keeps looking around the car. Gauri imagines driving a big rich car, she imagines that her family is in the car. Gauri asks Amrita if she can drive a car? Amrita asks why? Gauri says that if there is no driver I can take the children to school. Amrita says that I will ask my driver Yadav to teach you how to drive. Gauri thinks I want to learn to drive so I can steal the gold and run away.

The principal talks to him at school. She says that we will do an activity together. She says that they have to take a picture with her mothers. All mothers get there. Gauri sits with Chanda and Tara sits with Amrita. Chandini doesn’t understand how to paint, so Amrita asks her to do whatever she wants. Chandni picks up a pencil and begins to draw a picture. Gauri looks around her and thinks that I can’t steal small things, I have to focus on bigger goals.

Amrita’s driver, Yadav, is standing outside the school. Gopal brings some sweets and says that my son is enrolled in school. He gives her a laddoo to eat.

Chandni draws well. Tara sees him and tries to tear him apart, but Amrita stops him. The director says that time is up. Chandni writes Tara and her name on the sheet and gives it to the director. The director and the judge review the photos of her. The judge says that the drawing of a girl was the best. He shows Chandini’s drawing. Tara feels that Chandni has won.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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