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Saavi Ki Savaari 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam gets emotional hearing about Chattriprasad

Saavi Ki Sawaari Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Nityam coming to Savi’s room. He looks at the fan and is surprised to remember the death of her father. Savi looks at the fan and sees her concern. She gives him the umbrella and closes the door. She says I don’t know what your problem is with the fans. She says they’re all on par with you and asks what’s outside. Nityam says that she was the best event planner. Savi says it’s my dad’s death anniversary and there’s no show. She says we call the same 30 people and they know our address, they don’t need an invitation card. She says that everyone used to eat sitting on mattresses and not on velvet chairs. She says we make simple food the way my father liked it. She says that my dad was very simple, he loved his family and Chhatriprasad whom you… She says that you have sinned and you are trying to make amends but what you have done is not right. It’s possible. She asks him not to let her things get ruined, to be as she wants. She asks what are you doing here, since he will be in charge and there should be meetings. Brijesh calls Savi. Saavi says that we keep bhog for god and then for chhatriprasad. She says what will I tell Mama ji now. she leaves.

Shivam asks Krishna if he has any white kurta. He says that Sonam had called him for the anniversary of his father’s death. Krishna says that you said that you would punish him for his sins. Shivam says that everything is going according to plan, and says that the girl who took me away from him, the same girl is inviting him to his house. He says that this time, my plan will not fail. Krishna says that this time I will not be beaten and will eat egg. Shivam tells a bad joke and asks her to press the kurta.

Brijesh calls Razzaq and he is furious. Saavi comes there. Brijesh asks if you know where Chhatriprasad is. Savi says that he asked me and takes him to Ratnam. Brijesh says that he should have asked me. Nutan and Ratna come there. They ask Savi why he sent Chhatriprasad and how the ritual will be carried out now. He comes there regularly. Ratna says that they will do puri. Nutan says that Nityam is a member of our family and we will not hide it from him. Brijesh says that he doesn’t know what it means to us. Nityam asks Brijesh to tell why a simple auto rickshaw is so important to him that all of you are so passionate about it. Sonam reaches there and asks him to tell her. Brijesh says that Chhatriprasad is not an ordinary car for us, and says that if Chhatriprasad was not with us, we would not be here as we would not be alive today. He says that Sonam and Savi’s father used to work in a big company and earn well and he used to spend most of her money on Sonam because he loved her very much. A fb is shown, Savi’s slime gives the doll to Sonam. Facebook finished. Nutan says that his company suddenly closed down, so he put together some money and bought an auto rickshaw. She says that he used to work 18 hours. She says that our life started again and everything worked out.

Brijesh says that that night, my brother in law said that he will leave me until Hanuman Gali. He says that suddenly a car came from the wrong side and crashed into the car. He says that Jiha ji gave his life to save me. He says that that day I lost my legs. He says that my sister has lost her father and her daughter has lost everything. Sonam wipes away her tears and goes to her room. Nutan says that Brijesh and Ratna have big hearts and they asked me to stay here, otherwise I don’t know where I would have gone with my daughters. Ratna says that Brijesh lost his job that day. She says that she used to make incense sticks, but we had a lot of expenses and Sonam’s education was important because it was her father’s dream. She says we had to choose between Sonam’s studies and his life. Tears well up in Nityam’s eyes. Brijesh says that Savi took full responsibility and didn’t tell him earlier. She learned to drive. Brijesh says that we were very angry with her that day, that he wants to ride a car and asks why he didn’t think of her two sisters of hers. He says that he even threatened to kick her out. Nutan says that Savi wanted to ride it and told us that she becomes our chhatri, and I will ride it proudly, like daddy, it is her blessing. She says that I will pay Sonam didi and Ananya’s fees and go home too. She says that only then will the right thing happen. Facebook finished. Savi says that I will work hard as a dad and that he will be proud and at peace that her daughter didn’t let her car and house break down. She calls the car Chhatriprasad and vows that she will never let her father’s uniform pride be broken. Brijesh tells Nityam that Chhatriprasad is the symbol of our fight, victory, life etc. She says that even today our house works thanks to Chhatriprasad, without begging. They say that therefore the anniversary of Savi’s father’s death cannot take place without offering food to Chhatriprasad. Tears well up in Nityam’s eyes and he wipes away the tears. Look at Savi. Look at Savi. Savi remembers riding it. Nityam gets emotional and remembers breaking up with her. She apologizes and thinks forgive me Savi, I have committed a great sin.

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