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Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Saavi rescues Nityam

Saavi Ki Sawaari Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Krishna wondering if Shivam Ka Goel is going to marry Nityam Dalmiya. Dimpy arrives there and says that this is Nityam Dalmiya’s wedding. Krishna thinks that there may be many Sonam Goyals in the city. Ratna tells Sonam that she will be afraid until she marries Nityam and leaves here. Sonam tells Ratna that neither Savi nor Nityam get a class or a partner. Ratna smiles seeing Savi carrying all the load as Nityam walks in front of her.

Ratna is surprised to see the soft pillows in the room. The beautician is straightening Sonam’s hair. Ratna tells Sonam to hire someone to pinch her in-laws. She sees dried fruit and juice and is happy. She asks Nutan why she is happy. Nutan says that she feels strange, Nityam’s family is spending too much, but we are not. Ratna asks the girl in the room. The girl says that she is from the hair and makeup team. Ratna asks about her salary. The girl says 40000. Ratna says that these are our expenses for 2-3 months and says how much we can spend against them. Sonam says that Mami is right, we Dalmiya can spend so much, why are you so tense? Ratna looks at Sonam and says that we are not used to calling you Dalmiya. Sonam asks her to make a habit. Savi arrives there and says that she asked us to prepare for Kundali puja. Nutan says we won’t let them wait. Ratna asks what Pooja? Savi says they do a special horoscope cult to read the constellations etc. Panic Gem. Nutan asks what happened. Sonam says that she can’t miss Pooja’s important photo shoot and asks her Vedika to cancel it. Nutan tells her that he has noticed that since his horoscope coincides with that of rich people, he is thinking that she does not need God’s blessings, and says that whoever can give, also snatches for ego. . Savi says that didi was joking. Nutan says don’t save Sonam. She tells Sonam that she will be Goyal before the marriage and asks him to learn kindness from Vedika. She tells him not to call Aunt Vedika and asks them to come in 10 minutes.

Vedika talks to Mahant and tells him that the daughter-in-law’s family is about to arrive. Nityam says mother, I will come in 1 minute. Sonam and Ratna along with others walk towards Kundli’s place of worship. Krishna comes there and brings kada on the tray, only then Nityam calls him and scolds him for being late and asks him to bring hot kada. Nutan asks what happened. Nityam says that he hates two types of people, one is lazy who doesn’t work and the other is a liar.

Sonam and Nityam sitting down to worship. Sonam remembered his deception and looked at the horoscope. Savi looks at her tensely. Vedika sneezes again. Dimpy tells Himesh that they can’t stop the sangeet from exploding in the middle of the puja. Himesh says that you are the first jadi flower to be exploded by an atomic bomb. Sonam is worried and thinks it looks like someone tied me to the pyre and is going to take my life. Ratna believes that she will not let anything happen. Mahant ji says that she will read the horoscopes out loud and then recite the mantras. Ratna thinks that she has to act before she learns the truth about Sonam. She says that she has an asthma attack and asks Sonam to take 10 minutes of pandit ji. Mahant ji asks them to come back in 10 minutes. As everyone leaves, Sonam tells Ratna that kundalis can be burned in the havan. He drops the Kundalis into the fire of Havana. Vedika praises Savi as she brings Kada to him. Nutan says that Nityam went to get some special tea for Brijesh. Vedika says that Nityam is emotional.

Ananya shows Savi the video and tells her that she is getting a lot of views. Savi asks him to show the video again and watch the fire at the havan kund. She runs and bumps into Nityam. She tells him about the burning of Kundali in the Havan Kund. Nityam runs there thinking of Vedika’s words and tries to get the half-burnt horoscopes out of the havan. Savi gets there and yells Mr. Dalmiya. Ananya informs everyone about the fire in the pooja room. Savi sees Nityam’s shawl burning and sets it on fire with her bare hands. Nityam tries to push Savi away and walks with him, and the curtains slide on him. The song plays… Mere Maula… Nityam pulls back the curtain and looks at Savi angrily. Everybody gets there.

Vedika, Nutan and others come there and see Nityam. Vedika asks is it okay? Nityam says that he is fine. Dimpy tells Sonam that whenever Nityam is in trouble, Savi is with him, whether it’s a stormy night or today. Sonam says that you are right and goes to Savi.

Precap: Regular swimming in the pool. He sees Savi and stops her and tells her you’ve saved me and you’ll get what you want, but I don’t want your grace to fall on my mother’s heart. Savi leaves, takes her hand and she is about to fall into the pool. Savi says that now the punctuation is fixed. Nityam drops her hand and Savi falls into the pool.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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