Saavi Ki Savaari 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi confronts Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi confronts Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi confronts Nityam

Saavi Ki Sawaari Jan 21, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The Episode begins with Nityam asking Tashu to go to sleep. Saavi comes there. Tashvi sees him and goes to his room. Nityam shouts and asks Savi to close the door. Savi asks what right do you yell at me? Nityam closes the door and says that you tried to marry my sister to a road worker and now you are answering me. He says what if I tell Maa what you’ve done with Tashu? Savi asks why you didn’t reply to my message. She takes her phone and narrates her voicemail, in which she asks him to come, and tells him that she can’t keep Tashvi and Tushar much longer. Nityam is shocked and says that it means that… Savi says that I stopped her from sitting on the bus, that I stopped her life from being destroyed, if I hadn’t stopped her, no one would have known where he is? Nityam says it means, I… had a misunderstanding. Hesitantly, he says let’s end the matter here and move on. Savi says we can’t move forward, you said one thing right, let’s finish it. She says that you have finished everything today. Nityam says that I did not hear a single message, what did I do? Savi says that you have taken everything from me, my hope of living, my family’s income and my dad’s umbrella that he left us, Chhatriprasad. She says that you have taken my life, hope and identity. Nityam is shocked. She asks what wrong I did, and says that you will get freedom from this marriage, and says that she also doesn’t want a marriage where she only receives pain.

Nutan calls Vedika and says that Saavi is very happy in her marriage and in-laws house, that we have to invite her to Maayka. Vedika says that if she goes away from me, I don’t like him either. She asks what is the occasion. Nutan says after 2 days the death anniversary of Savi’s father and Bhoj too. Vedika says that I will send Savi today. She asks Giridhar whether Saavi came or not. Giridhar says that he doesn’t remember.

Nityam says that I misunderstood and says that you are screwing up the situation. Savi says that I am making the situation easier for you and me. Nityam says that you can’t go without your mother’s permission. Savi says that if I tell Maa, she’ll stop me anyway and I don’t want to be left behind. She asks him to get out of her way. Savi says that you never liked me, he had the problem that I am a rickshaw wala and he wanted this marriage to end. It is regularly said that it is possible. Savi says have a drink, Mr. Dishaheen, and asks him to get out of her way. She changes her clothes and comes out with her bag. Nityam follows her. Dori thutagayya… Savi sees Vedika praying in the house temple and looks at her. Nityam looks at Savi. Vedika asks where are you going now? Savi says Hanuman Gali, to the mother of her. Vedika says that I came to tell you this, she go to your mother’s house away from my eyes. She says I know you’re going for your dad’s anniversary for 2 days and says I’ll come pick you up on the third day. She says that I will ask Bittu to leave you. Savi says driver ji will drop him, why bother Mr. Dalmiya? She says that I will miss you and hugs her. Nityam gets out of there and walks away from her. Vedika says that I will miss you too and asks him to come back soon. Savi is still standing. Himesh comes there. Savi tries to talk to him, but he doesn’t speak to her and goes inside. Savi gets out and tells the driver that she will go by rickshaw. She says that if Maa asks you, then tell her I want to get some fresh air. Nityam sees her and becomes uneasy. She called someone, but the call could not be connected.

Himesh brings cucumber and puts it on Dimpy’s eyes. He says that Savi is gone. Dimpy says after whatever she did to you. Himesh says that I missed you and thanks him for saving Tashvi. He says that now she talks to me about dad, and says that I spoke to you badly, and that you didn’t let her go with that nutcase. Dimpy says that I caught you on that Bhoomi Pujan day. She tells him that auto rickshaw Savi is gone from here forever and says that Nityam has not forgiven her for instigating Tashvi. Himesh refuses to agree. Savi takes out the glass with her family photo on it and sees her name on it. Dimpy takes Himesh to the kitchen and tells him that Savi has taken her cup as she will never come back. She says that the name of Savi Panauti has gone from our lives. they encourage

Nutan tells Brijesh and Ratna that Pandit ji gave a big list to Barsi. Ratna says that Savi knows everything. Nutan calls Savi. Savi answers the call. She washes his feet and rings the temple bell. They look at it. Brijesh says that Savi’s trip has arrived. Savi says at full speed. Nutan asks if something happened. Savi says nothing. Ratna says that it is the anniversary of her father’s death and that is why she is sad. Brijesh says that Savi became overwhelmed with responsibilities and started taking care of the house. Nutan says that you are very young, when you took on the responsibilities of the house. Savi says that I didn’t do anything important, I did what any child would do, be it a girl or a boy. He says that I will always be the daughter of this house, Savi Goyal. Nutan says that he is saying as if she fought in sasural and came here to stay with us.

Precap: Savi tells Nityam that it was not an ordinary rickshaw. Nityam asks what should I do? Savi says that the father’s death anniversary cannot happen without Chhatriprasad. Nityam searches for Chhatriprasad’s organs. He promises Savi that he will bring back Chhatriprasad.

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