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Saavi Ki Savaari 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Saavi Ki Sawaari Oct 11, 2022 Written episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written update

The episode begins with Nityam and Savi sitting down for the wedding as Vedika misses her eldest son. Shivam hid behind the well. Vedika approaches the well and says that Pandit ji said that Bittu will get the blessings of the family from her. She thinks that this wind will carry your love to your brother. She turns around and throws the flower over her head, and it falls into Shivam’s hands. Vedika turns and looks back, but she does not see Shivam. Shivam thinks why I felt my mother’s love and he turns from her but he doesn’t see her. She says I long for your love, mother. He says that the man who married Savi is very lucky and says that he will understand his qualities and his insistence on managing every relationship, and says that she will make everything happen. She says that big brother’s blessings will always be on Savi and her husband.

The reporter asks Vedika why they changed her daughter-in-law at the last minute. Another reporter says all rasam with Sonam and marriage with her sister. Vedika gets worried and decides to talk to Dimpy about Sonam. She calls Dimpy and says I have to talk about Sonam. Dimpy says I’ll go. Sonam believes that she has no future with Shiv and thinks that she will make sure that her morning is better than today’s start, and everyone will see. Dimpy comes to Sonam and tells her that I came here to take you to see the wedding. She says that the ex-girlfriend is running away. Sonam says forgive me. Dimpy says that topper Sonam Goyal lost to her real sister in a car today.

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