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Rishton Ka Manjha 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Diya tries to hide from Arjun about Bablo’s kidnapping

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Arjun tells Diya’s mother that I will ask Bablo what happened. His mother says that Bablo has gone to his friend’s house. Arjun says it is late, where did he go? His mother says I don’t know. Diya comes there and asks why is she here? Arjun says where were you? He asks her to show his phone. Diya looks away. Arjun asks what is happening? Where is Bablo? Diya says don’t worry, she is fine. Arjun says where were you? Diya says I went to meet my friend. Arjun says I came here because I felt guilty, I know you have a reason to keep quiet, if you don’t want to play match with me then you must be helpless then tell me. Diya says no problem, just go away. Arjun says I know there is a problem and I will find out, he leaves. His mother asks what if he finds out everything? Where did you go? Diya tells him how she met Bablo as he is ill. His mother is worried and says what if they do something to him? Diya says she has fever now. His mother says we should go to the police. Diya says I didn’t even know where they locked him, he will not hurt Bablo as I am listening to Karan. Diya thinks where would Karan have kept Bablo?

Madhuri tells Dipika that Diya did not even inform me before leaving, I am her mother so if she had any problem then she should have told. Arjun comes there and says he didn’t tell me anything too. I went there but they are hiding something from me. I think Diya doesn’t want to share her family problems with me. He says that he doesn’t want to play match with me. I will find another partner but I don’t know if I will feel inspired. Doctors bring Niharika there, Arjun asks what is she doing here? Dipika says she is very sick, Khush wanted to keep her in hospital but she needs care, she tried to kill herself so I brought her back here, she needs us. Arjun says she is not ours, this lady cannot stay here. Niharika says she is right, my heart is black, I have committed a lot of sins, I should pay my karma. Arjun says don’t pretend, we don’t care about your crocodile tears. Niharika says I did not want to come here. Arjun says I don’t trust you, just go away. Niharika says yes, I will go from here. Please forgive me if possible. Madhuri is worried as Niharika tries to leave but faints right there.

scene 2
In the morning, Arjun tries to practice and remembers Diya’s words that there are bigger problems than a match. Dipika comes there and says don’t get angry on Diya, she will have some compulsion. Arjun says then why is she hiding from me? it is killing me. Dipika says I don’t know what Diya is hiding. She says Madhuri will go to talk to her. Arjun says no, she will not tell anything. I will go there today. He asks about Niharika. Dipika says she is not well. He is not mentally stable but is not happy that he stays here. Don’t you worry and go talk to Diya.

Diya is packing lunch and medicines for Bablo. She starts leaving the house.
Ajit calls Karan and says that Diya is very smart so we should not introduce her to Bablo. Karan says shut up, do as I say. Diya comes there so Ajit checks her bag and finds nothing wrong. Ajit says if you try to do smart acting then I will not leave your brother’s life. Diya blindfolds him and takes him to Bablo’s site.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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