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Rebel 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu Arrested

Rebel 26 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Kalyani getting a weapon from someone. A British officer stopped him. She attacks him and runs away. Maa asks Radha to take care of herself even more. Radha smiled. They get a letter from Baksi. Mother reads about her rebellion. She says it is a good news, your future baby has already given us this signal. Gadadhara comes home. Maa says you here, I told you to stay in outhouse. Manthara says I brought her here. Radha asks why.

Manthara says this is the right time, he should be with his family, anything can happen here, we need protection. Maa says we need protection, but Gadadhar is not here. She asks him to leave. Jagabandhu goes to the company’s office. The guard asked him to remove the cloth. He goes and unveils Baksi. He shouts hold her. Jagabandhu attacked him. He says now is the time to set the score. He signs the daughter-in-law to burn down the entire office. The daughter-in-law starts lighting the fire. Manthara asks what happened to you. Radha says I agree with Maa, Gadadhara should be released. Manthara says I will not let Radha go here when it is not unsafe, she is pregnant. He says Jagabandhu has got me back, he understood that we have to stand against enemies, he has forgiven me and showed me the right path, I want to be here with you all. Mother agrees. Manthara says we have put you here for help, if it doesn’t happen then I can leave you. She goes. He says I took his help to come here, I have to do something that Jagabandhu, Kalyani and Radha should leave from here. Guard says Baksi has burnt our office, Kalyani is getting weapons at border, should I send someone to kill them. Warren says no, we will take revenge, inform Gadadhara that Jagabandhu has arranged weapons, ask him to destroy the weapons as soon as possible.

Radha says that she has not sent any message till now. Jagabandhu comes and says I need your support, you have always given me courage and strength, wait for the right time, you will know when and how to help. He disappears. He looks around. The guard comes and brings the weapon. He gives the letter. She checks the weapons. She reads Kalyani’s letter. Kalyani asks him to keep the weapon safe. Gadadhara receives Warren’s letter. He reads that you have to locate the weapons and confiscate it. He shouts no, I will not let Jagabandhu succeed. He goes to ask the maid. Radha comes and questions him. He says I know you will not believe me. He does drama. He apologizes to her. She says I don’t need to clarify, you have to stand with this family and not fight with us. She goes. He says that he will know where the weapons are kept. Kalyani waits for Jagabandhu and looks out of the window. He comes and hugs her. They say that we did as we had planned, we first took out every Englishman and burnt the office, now the East India Company will know what we can do, they have invited troubles. She says you don’t live alone, I also won, I have sent weapons safely to Radha and have also conveyed your message. He says it is amazing, I have brought this for you, it is special, the temple’s Mahaprasad. She says I like this laddu very much. He says I will feed laddoos with my own hands. They eat laddus.

She says I am really tired, go and sleep, I will sleep too. He says I have some work, you go to sleep. She falls asleep. He checks some papers. He hears some sound. He thinks and walks out. He is caught by British guards. Warren smiles. He says you are brave, but now you are caught.

Jagabandhu and Warren argue. Warren says that Kalyani will die from this fire now. Jagabandhu shouts Kalyani. The guard burns the hut.

Update Credits: Amena

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