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Re-invented through Life and Fate: [Part 1]

Near A Company, Mumbai

Shantanu: Leave what Puchki said.

Puchki: People who judge me on my upbringing without looking at my skills, how can I work there?

Shantanu: Puchki you have passed the exam, appeared in the interview and got selected. And what are the criteria that will stop you from accepting this job?

Puchki: Self-respect. Can you return it to me, Shan?

in a restaurant

Kabir: This picture is necessary to show the world that we are real husband and wife. Otherwise I’m not interested in taking pictures with you

Pooja: Oh really!!! I feel like kicking you, but the situation is not right.

Kabir: Nothing will be lost just by giving a smile.

Pooja: Is that enough?

Kabir: Well then you remain an angry bird. It makes you feel good.

Pooja: The pictures are over. Now you can go

Kabir: You have to drop me on the flat,

Pooja: Why can’t you buy a car with your salary?

Kabir: If we go together then the Residents Association will let us stay there.

Pooja: Okay, come in

Kabir: This girl is mad…..mad….

Prayer ; What ?

Kabir: I was just humming the song…

the scene turns into a flat

Indumati: Hi handsome, how is my bike riding?

Kabir: Indu darling, you look like a college girl

Pooja: Really? You look like this aunty college girl?

Indumati: Shut up, don’t you come to talk to your husband in a safe power.

Kabir: She is jealous of you Indu darling. what to do

Pooja: Oh my God! I can’t get over this old-youth romantic saga. I’m going inside.

Kabir and Indumati laugh

in a temple

Puchki looks like Kabir’s picture

Puchki: Where are you Kabir? I really need you today, I thought I was alone. kabir please come back to me

Shantanu: Puchki, I cannot change what happened today. But as a friend I can try to help you.

Puchki: Will you help Shaan? it’s all over. it’s all over.

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