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Rajjo 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo calls up Arjun

Rajjo Sep 30, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Madhu grinding turmeric for Arjun. She gets excited. Swara says yes, soon Urvashi will be part of the family. Madhu says that Urvashi will never take Arjun away from us, she regards me as a mother, you and Mukund also think of having a child, it is good if everything happens on time. She asks if she saw something different in Arjun. Swara says that she looked happy. Madhu asks her if she is trying to be happy against her will. Swara says no. Madhu says that I will not let him lose his concentration.

Arjun and Urvashi’s turmeric continues. They all dance. Rajjo and Vicky’s turmeric works too. Both families began the turmeric rituals. Rajjo thinks of Arjun. Chirag and Sagar ask Arjun to eat turmeric with fun. Kartik says wait, just attack him. Everyone laughs. Arjun runs. They catch him. Madhu worries about him. Pratap says stop, nobody will do anything. He applies turmeric to Arjuna. They laugh and apply turmeric to Arjuna. Arjun laughs. They take selfies. Rocky smiled when he saw Kalindi. Chirag applies some turmeric to Kalindi and it reminds him of turmeric. Apologize if you felt bad or if your makeup was messed up. She cries.

Urvashi checks Arjun’s phone and says that he is still in contact with Rajjo. His mother stops him and takes him aside. She says they’ll feel bad if you check his phone, call Rajjo, it doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you, don’t doubt him. Urvashi says that I am getting very angry. His mother says I know, either you speak or you shut up, you have to decide, you can lose everything, it’s your duty to give him love, you stay with that anger. Kalindi says that we should also apply turmeric to Urvashi. Urvashi runs. Arjun remembers Rajjo. Rajjo asks his friend about Arjun’s phone. The girl says she was on airplane mode, so the call didn’t come through. Rajjo says he must have called me, I have to talk to him. She calls Arjuna. Chirag asks Arjun to step aside. She says it’s Rajjo’s call, she talks to him. Arjuna says no. Chirag says don’t do this, talk to her, you’re not doing anything wrong that you feel guilty about, he talks to her. Arjun answers the call. Rajjo is happy to hear his voice. Vicky’s friends come over and say we want to apply turmeric on you. Her phone falls off. She says I said no, let me. Arjun asks who she is. Chirag asks what happened. Arjun says that something is wrong. Rajjo pushed the man down. Rajjo asks if you’re crazy, I told him no, you can’t hear. Vicky asks if you’re mad, why did you push my friend. Arjun says why Vicky is yelling at him. Rajjo says your friends forcefully applied turmeric to me. Arjun says different voices are coming. Rajjo argues with them. Vicky scolds Rajjo. Chirag says that I think he is arguing with her. Rajjo asks how they can touch me. Vicky says that she kissed you, it’s an omen, what’s up, he’s my guest.

Rajjo and Arjun meet in the park. He says that we are getting married on the same day. She thanks him and they become friends. They hug. Arjun is going to marry Urvashi. Rajjo arrives and stops their marriage. She says you are my husband. Arjun and his family are in shock.

Update Credits: Amena

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