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Rajjo 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pushkar tries to find Mannu’s truth

Rajjo Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts when Arjun sees Rajjo ironing the clothes. He goes to her and stops her. She asks why he was preventing me from ironing Urvashi’s clothes. She says you play with guys like us, you earn our trust and then you break it, then you break the family. Rajo laughed. He covered her mouth. She keeps laughing. She pulls out the tape. she sees him. She says that you hurt me too, what happened, why were you laughing. She says that she was talking about iron, not woman. She says stop laughing. She asks why, let me laugh, go now, let me finish my work, otherwise your laadli will scream. He holds her close to her. My name is Ishq… touch…

Urvashi comes and sees them. The clothes catch fire. Arjun saves Rajjo and puts out the fire. He asks if you’re okay. he shook his head. Urvashi looks at her burnt dupatta. She says it was my dupatta that was burning, not Rajjo. He says sorry. argues Rajjo. Urvashi cries and leaves. Arjun says it’s all up to me it’s my mistake that I trusted you you will meet me anytime. He goes. He apologizes to Urvashi. She worries. Pushkar asks the NGO lady to meet Mannu and do as she said don’t do any mistake. The lady goes to Mannu and gives him vitamin pills. Mannu reacts and drops the bottle. Pushkar looks. Mannu says sorry all the pills spilled I can’t take the spilled pills I’m absolutely fine tell the doctor I don’t need pills. Pushkar says that he did something smart again, I have to give him medicines somehow, this is the only way to find out if he is telling the truth, these medicines will bring out the truth from him. Rajjo sews the scarf.

She says I didn’t have to order her bridal clothes, but I did. Arjun is on duty. Rajjo goes and gives him dupatta. He says that Urvashi will not wear this ripped dupatta, she will dream of a big wedding, again you are trying to break her dream. She asks if this is her dream, where are you in her dream, I don’t understand, what is the meaning of marriage for you, to boast of wealth, I have not seen such marriages, marriage means the union of two hearts. It is not understood that the rich won. Logic. Rajjo cries and goes towards Mannu. Mannu says that I have to tell Rajjo about Pushkar. Rajjo hugs her and tells her that Arjun doesn’t know about me, I’m not like that, he thinks of me. She says my heart hurts so much, who should I tell this to, when will you get well, tell me what I did that Arjun hates me so much. Manuel cries. He is called. Everyone asks Mannu to take medicine. Mannu takes it. Pushkar says that he just check whether he took the medicine or not. Jhilmil says that he is right. Urvashi reaches Arjun’s room. He asks what happened. He says I’m worried and fed up. He asks what Rajjo did now. She says I’ll handle it, I don’t know how to handle my father, I’m embarrassed to say this right before our tilak ceremony. He asks you to say, what is the problem. The nurse says that she open your mouth and show me, do you have the medicine or not? Mannu opened his mouth. The nurse says that she swallowed the medicines. Pushkar believes that I can do anything, I gave you medicines, medicines will take effect and your drama will end automatically.

Mannu and Rajjo work. Arjun and Rajjo taking selfies. Mannu waits for Rajjo to tell him everything. Rajjo sees Arjun with Urvashi and cries. Mannu gets drunk and hits Pushkar with a slipper.

Update Credits: Amina

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