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Rajjo 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo loses the race

Rajjo Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Niharika saying that you have changed forever. Chirag says yes, his wife has come to replace him. He talks about Rajjo. He says that it means that you have married Rajjo. Arjun says yes. He becomes shy. Chirag says that he has done a lot for Rajjo, she is lovely, she is like my daughter. Niharika says that she’s cute and pulls Arjun’s cheek. She says that I knew her as Racer, now I will know her as your Rajjo. Arjun receives her. He introduces Niharika, she is his friend, we can see each other as Jai Veeru. Niharika says we’ll meet for the race, all the best. Arjun asks Rajjo to warm up. Rajjo’s shoe breaks. Arjun says that the sole has come off. Jhilmil asks if you did this so sorry. Madhu says who else will. Jhilmil says that Arjun will bring her new shoes. Arjun says I don’t know how this happened I will do something don’t worry. Rajjo says that the market will be closed. The man asks them to come to the race. Rajjo tries to fix the shoe. Pushkar says Rajjo, what happened now, your shoes. Arjun says that only one came out. Pushkar says that it is all luck, the race is starting, now there is only one way, to get her out of this race, inequality. Rajjo says no, don’t do this. He asks me what I did, I didn’t break your shoe. Jhilmil says that Madhu did this. she laughs. Arjun says give me some time to fix it. Pushkar says sorry I can’t break the rules. Rajjo takes out the shoe and says I can run barefoot ok it’s my dream please don’t break my dream.

Arjun also shakes hands with Rajjo. Pushkar says this is not your village race, don’t waste my time. Arjun says please listen to her. Madhu says that Pushkar has heard you, do as you say. Arjun says I’m not doing what I want, Rajjo wants to run barefoot. Madhu says that I can’t see you in trouble. Jhilmil says that Rajjo can apply next year. Rajjo cries.

Arjun stops the girls and appeals to Rajjo. Niharika says we don’t have any problem. Mannu challenges Pushkar. The coach says that when no one has any objections, we should let this girl go. Pushkar says that she is fine, let her go. Arjun calls Rajjo. He wishes you good luck. Pushkar feels that she will not be able to survive when she is barefoot and walking on the live wire.

Naman comes to cheer. Madhu says that your illegitimate daughter will hit the legitimate daughter, it will be an insult. Pushkar thinks that he is talking too much, just watch how Rajjo dies. Swara asks Mannu not to worry, Rajjo will win. Kalindi says that Niharika is my sister, I have to cheer her up. Mannu says yes, you can be happy for her. Pushkar signs the man. The man turns on the electricity. He starts the race. Rajjo runs in front of Niharika. Everyone applauds Rajjo. Arjun sees the wire in Rajjo’s way. He runs to save her. Arjun stops Rajjo before the finish line and pulls him aside. Niharika wins the race. Madhu and all go to Arjun. Rajjo says that I am defeated. Mannu asks what happened. Naman and Chirag ask why you came in front of Arjun. Rajjo says that the dream is broken. Arjun says relax. He says sorry, and hugs her. Rajjo says you would have done this for me but you know this race was small for me. Pushkar asks why you got in the way. He sees the wire. He feels that there is still current in the wire. Arjun throws down his handkerchief and shows the current in the electric wire. The handkerchief burns. Everyone is surprised.

Madhu asks Rajjo to give their relationship some time, go on honeymoon with her husband. Rajjo asks what is she. Arjun asks Rajjo to go and ask Mannu. Mannu tells Rajjo about the honeymoon.

Update Credits: Amina

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