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Rajjo 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mannu finds a proof against Urvashi

Rajjo Nov 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode ends with Urvashi listening to Rajjo talk to Mannu. Rajjo says Urvashi framed me to steal money from Arjun and kidnap him. Urvashi gets angry and enters the room. She scolds Rajjo and asks him to go to work. Rajjo answers him. Urvashi gets irritated and pulls her hair. Rajjo says leave me. Urvashi says you don’t want to work. Mannu says leave it, don’t fight, I don’t like it, I will tell Chirag that you have come to fight with Rajjo. Urvashi asks how dare you threaten me. She raises her hand. Rajjo stops her and wrings her hand. Urvashi screams and asks Arjun to save her. Mannu smiles and feels proud of Rajjo. Arjun arrives and asks Rajjo to leave Urvashi. He asks her not to touch Urvashi again. Rajjo says that if he thinks of raising his hand to my mother then I won’t let him, I will break his hand. Urvashi says that she is lying. Rajjo says to ask Mannu the truth. Urvashi asks Arjun if she will believe in Mannu, she is Rajjo’s mother, she will support the side, maybe she is faking memory loss. Rajjo says that you are talking nonsense. Arjun says that Chirag did you a favor and your mother came home, you are still not at peace, she go and fix what you did. Rajjo goes after Urvashi. He’s leaving. Mannu cries and says that Arjun has not changed but there are attempts to change him, I will support Rajjo in this fight, we will expose this conspiracy. Rajjo stops Kalindi and asks how long will you run.

She says you can’t hide from me, you know you lied to the family. She asks why did you do this, tell me. Kalindi says I told you, I can’t keep you in front of your family. Rajjo says you framed me, you changed the papers, I read my name on them, did you do this on Urvashi’s advice? Kalindi says no, I’m not lying, I put the papers in the locker and I didn’t check the name, what will I get by writing your name on the papers, I didn’t check the paper, maybe Urvashi changed the papers, everyone knows where I keep the papers keys to the locker, believe me, I’m not against you, I don’t like Urvashi and I want him to leave, I’m on your side. Rajjo asks him to swear and tell the truth. Kalindi says yes, but I can’t support you in front of everyone. Rajjo goes. Kalindi is relieved. Mannu searches for Rajjo. She hears Urvashi talking to her mother.

She thinks that Urvashi has robbed the Thakur family, Rajjo was right. She goes to look for the newspaper. Urvashi goes to the bathroom with a towel. Mannu hides. She steals the papers and goes to see Rajjo. Arjun asks the servants to pack the gifts well. He acts cheerfully in front of Rajjo. He congratulates Urvashi and makes Rajjo jealous.

Rajjo gets angry and thinks that I don’t care, marry Urvashi, you will think of me when she shows her true face after marriage. Arjun asks Rajjo to pack the presents. Arjun says yes I will wear matching clothes now I have dedicated myself to Urvashi. The roll of plastic wrap is opened. Rajjo slips. Arjun caught him. They both fall off and get wrapped in plastic wrap. Kaun tujhe…touch karta hai…he tries to get up. He says idiot you always keep falling I hate that bubble wrap sound if anyone sees us it will be bad. Rajjo says that I will do something, he waits. They get up She says that Siya will jump now when she knows that you can talk to people with her toy phone. She asks him to call everyone to invite Urvashi and praise her. She keeps her head. She teases him by blowing bubbles. He asks her to stop him, she hates him. She says that she hates everything in the world except Urvashi. She goes. Mannu beckons to Rajjo. Rajjo is busy with cleaning work. She hides behind the pillar. She takes the tea tray from Swara. Pushkar arrives and stops Mannu. He says I got you, now I understand what you’re doing. He sees Rajjo there.

Mannu and Rajjo work. Arjun and Rajjo taking selfies. Mannu waits for Rajjo to tell him everything. Rajjo sees Arjun with Urvashi and cries. Mannu gets drunk and hits Pushkar with a slipper.

Update Credits: Amina

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