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Rajjo 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo hides from Arjun

Rajjo Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Arjun asking where this bad smell is coming from. He doesn’t see Rajjo hiding. Rajjo thinks about taking the damru and running before the lights go out. Arjun says that I think he tripped the fuse in the house. Urvashi comes and says that he had to do this, he was helpless. Arjun smiled at her. Rajjo wonders who he is. Madhu gets worried and asks everyone to fix the generator, this is Arjun’s engagement, is this a joke? She asks Mukund and Pratap to do something. She says that people are making excuses when I invited them. Dada ji says that maybe Prakash has gone to find someone who is made for Arjuna. Urvashi asks Arjun to praise her, she agrees for him. Arjun asks in the dark. She says under the moonlight, how do I look? Arjun says cute as always. She says thank you, you look very hot. She asks Arjuna to tie the rope. Rajjo covered his eyes. She thinks about pulling the damaru. Arjun ties the rope. Rajjo takes the damru from him. Urvashi goes to Arjuna. They smile. Urvashi pulls her and tells her you are my life, don’t put me in danger again, I can’t even think of living without you. She says that today we have an engagement and then our marriage, we will think of each other. She says I thought I’d lose you, that I’m possessive of you, that I can’t stand anyone taking you away. Rajjo thinks he’s done, now he sees, sings and dances, commit yourself. Arjun says I have to go and get ready, otherwise I’ll have to come in a towel. Urvashi says I liked this look better than the normal one, I’ll go and turn on the light, come early, don’t keep me waiting too long. She goes.

Rajjo thinks that Arjun should be ready so that I can go too. Arjun thinks how this bad smell comes. Rajjo stays there. Arjun puts on his clothes and comes over. He prepares. Arjun thinks back to funk. He remembers Rajjo.

He says no, what am I thinking, just focus. He goes. Rajjo says that I have to find Mai. Mannu arrives at his village. She yells Rajjo. Rajjo goes to the balcony. She looks at the dog. She thinks what to do. She remembers Mannu’s words.

Rajjo leaves. The man tries to misbehave with Mannu. She pushes him away and calls him a sinner. He mistreats her. She remembers Pushkar. She kicks the man. She says I know how to handle people like you. Pushkar is on guard. He says you went bankrupt after challenging me. He scolds his wife. Bunty asks if there is a function or not. Pushkar questions Jhilmil about it. Jhilmil has installed LED lights on his dress. She says I’m shining. He scolds her. He hugs Kalindi. Urvashi arrives and greets them. Kalindi’s daughter Siya tells Pushkar to do something and bring Roshni. Jhilmil says that Malti is trying too hard, it’s a bad sign, we should call off the engagement. Urvashi says it’s my fault, I removed the fuse and then it blew. Kalindi asks how you can do this. Urvashi says it was my joke. Kalindi says that Madhu will scold a lot.

Jhilmil says you messed up the engagement. Madhu says that we will bring the light of Diya. Jhilmil says that the candles can be blown out soon. He stops her. They say that Madhu is a mother, whatever the mother does for the child is good. Mannu scolds the man. he runs away. She is sitting crying. She says I know Rajjo is fine, where is he? Everyone lights the lamp. Kalinda gets rude to Siya. Kaká says that Rajjo had gone to Lucknow. Mannu asks what, she went looking for me. He says yes. She remembers Pushkar. She prays for Rajjo’s safety.

Everyone says that everything is fine, now nothing can go wrong. Rajjo sees the lamps lit in the hallway. Arjun comes there. Rajjo sees her and hides. Urvashi says it looks great, okay. She hugs Madhu. Madhu says don’t do this again, I like you very much, but I am the head of this family, I won’t feel good if someone messes up my plans, so be careful. Urvashi says sure, sorry. Madhu asks him to come. Arjun knows his family. Rajjo sees Arjun and his mother. He thinks of Mannu. Mannu prays that Rajjo and Pushkar never meet face to face.
They all danced fiercely at the engagement function. Arjun is surprised to see Rajjo in his suitcase. Pushkar stops Rajjo.

Update Credits: Amena

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