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Rajjo 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Chirag advises Rajjo

Rajjo Nov 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Rajjo cleaning the glass pieces. Chirag tells him to be careful, he may get hurt. She says no, I’ll do a job, you have my mom here, thanks. He says that I am helping you because I trust you, I really believe that you are right and Urvashi is wrong. Rajjo says that Urvashi is a cheater. Dice brings out his truth, now your mother is with you, don’t worry about her, focus on exposing Urvashi, we don’t have much time, I know you are hurt by Arjun’s behavior, Arjun should save me from getting caught. , Arjun makes wrong decisions in anger, it is his wrong decision for him to marry Urvashi, I don’t want him to regret it later, do something and bring out the truth from him, so that Arjun and his relationship can be saved. He gets hurt. She says I don’t want to save anything, she broke my heart, you, Siya and Maa are with me, I will bring out the truth of Urvashi and prove her wrong, I don’t care about anything else, if Arjun marries someone, I don’t care , I feel sorry for him that he can’t see the truth of Urvashi, I explained this a lot to him, but he wants to keep his ears and eyes closed, he always blames me, maybe I’m wrong, she deserves Urvashi, I don’t wish her bad, but when Urvashi accused me he misunderstood me. She says that you don’t really care if she marries Urvashi. She says yes, it’s not mine, she can marry whoever she wants, I don’t care, why are you asking again. She says that I see the truth in you, you are honest. He explains to her and says that this is called having feelings for someone. He asks her to go to Mannu. Rajjo goes. Pushkar scolds Urvashi for the call and asks what is going on there. Urvashi says that Chirag announced that Rajjo will stay with Mannu. He asks what. She said yes. He asks why you didn’t stop Chirag. She says Kalindi didn’t ask her, you don’t know what she’s doing, come here and show your anger, I’ll see how long you can push them. He says don’t let Mannu meet Rajjo she will tell the truth we will get caught bad.
She says that they will catch you alone, Mannu knows something that I don’t know, that’s why you are afraid. She says I’m not scared, keep Rajjo and his mother away from him. She ends the call and says that I’ve already taken care of them. Mannu thinks of telling everything to Rajjo. Urvashi and Madhu come there. Urvashi says let Mannu stay in the guest room, if Rajjo and Mannu stay together they will plot against us. Rajjo argues with her.

Madhu scolds Rajjo. Urvashi says that God will save my marriage with Mannu and Rajjo, karma will be balanced, we will take care of Mannu. Madhu says that your heart is pure gold. Rajjo says that his heart is black coal. Madhu asks Mannu to stay in the guest room. Rajjo says that it is not necessary, I take care of her, who is Urvashi to decide, she is my mother. Arjun comes and asks who are you to speak to Urvashi like that, you are a personal servant, obey his orders. Mannu felt dizzy. Rajjo holds her. Arjun says that whatever Urvashi wants will happen. He asks Urvashi to make them work, she is with him.

Arjun goes to talk to Chirag and he becomes sad. Chirag asks if you want coffee. Arjun asks for liquor. He cries and hugs her. He says just stay by my side you are special why is Himmat breaking me today? I just want to know this. Chirag asks are you crazy? Will I go against you? Arjun asks why are you with Rajjo, you are mine, I want my brother back. Chirag says remember this, Rajjo and Arjun are a team, now you won’t believe it, one day you’ll say it yourself, amazing solid team, you’ll come to me and tell me you were right bro, I’m waiting for it. The day we all rejoice with a cold coffee. Arjun thinks of Rajjo and cries. Mannu cries for Rajjo. Rajjo shows the medal to him and tries to remind him of the past. Urvashi watches over them. Mannu says I don’t remember anything. Rajjo says you forgot me how. She is lying on Mannu’s lap.

Mannu overhears Urvashi’s conversation with her mother. He thinks to give it to Rajjo. She says my Rajjo is not bad. Rajju and Arjun hit it off in an instant. Pushkar stops Mannu.

Update Credits: Amina

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