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Rajjo 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Rajjo Oct 12, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode starts with Jhilmil and Madhu scolding Rajjo. Arjun says that I am doing this to punish Rajjo. Pushkar feels that Rajjo can do anything. Arjun asked Urvashi to give him the necklace. He asks Madhu to call the jeweler. He taunts Rajjo. Urvashi gives up. Jewelry checks the necklace and says it’s fake. Everyone is surprised. She says that nothing is fake, everything is real. They get relief. Rajjo cries. Thank you Arjuna. Urvashi’s father signs it. Rajjo think how it happened, they changed the necklace in front of me. Arjun says sorry Urvashi. She says fine, I can do anything for you. Urvashi thinks that dad has put the jewelry box, we need more money to give him. Arjun asks Rajjo to come out. Pushkar scolds her. Madhu insulted him. Arjun thinks to just go. Rajjo thinks this time it’s my turn to save you. Mannu is worried. She says that she doesn’t know what’s going on there.

Pushkar and everyone blame Rajjo and ask the inspector to take him away. Rajjo is arrested. He thinks someone can stop me here to save Arjun. He remembers Gudiya’s words about the wedding video. She says let me, I’ll give you a test. She shows them the video. Arjun and his family are in shock.

Rajjo asks who is the liar, tell me. The inspector says Pushkar ji, we can’t arrest him, we can settle the matter at home, otherwise he can come to the police station. Dada ji says that we can see from the video that Arjun is accepting Rajjo as his wife, we can’t ignore the marriage. Pratap says that Arjun did this according to the situation. Kartik says that the villagers have accepted her marriage. Kalindi and Jhilmil say that we are in trouble. Pushkar says I’ll manage, just kick this girl out. Mukund says no, everyone will find out. Chirag says that we have to consider this marriage valid. Pratap says you mean we have to postpone Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding now. Kartik says yes, Arjun and Rajjo have to stay together for a few days. Arjun thinks that God has done me an injustice. Rajjo thinks that God has done justice, Arjun will come to know the truth in a few days. Madhu asks if they are all aware, it is about Arjun’s life, why don’t they think about it? She scolds Kartik and Jhilmil. She cries and says that all of you are making fun of Arjun’s life, you are all wrong, Arjun did a lot for that girl, he broke my promise, he broke his trust in return, he was gone for a few days. after

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