Rajjo 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalindi’s birthday – News

Rajjo 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalindi’s birthday – News

Rajjo 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalindi’s birthday – News

Rajjo Sep 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Rajjo thanking Pushkar for his help. He stumbles. She holds his hand. She says I’m fine, they both leave now. He looks at Kalindi and thinks that the proof of my pride and joy is under the same roof, they cannot be together, my reputation cannot be ruined by a girl. Arjun says to hide in the closet, but don’t sit on my clothes. Rajjo says sorry, how will Pushkar get the mother? He never saw her. He says that he will find her, he has many contacts. She laughs. He asks her to sit in the closet now. He asks if she is okay. She shakes her head and jumps down. They have a moment. They say that sometimes there is a voltage problem. He hears Urvashi calling his name. Pushkar comes home and remembers Mannu. His wife arrives. She asks if you’re okay, Kalindi told me you had an asthma attack, you should have stayed there, we were going to go there, it’s Kalindi’s birthday. She says that I remember that he is not bad luck for me. She goes.

They say that Mannu came here with her illegitimate son, this time she will be more ruined. Arjun turns and sees Urvashi. He says wait, stay away, my clothes smell bad. Urvashi walks up to him and talks romantically. Arjuna hides Rajjo behind him. Urvashi asks him to come downstairs, change and come. She says that she had planned something for Kalindi’s birthday, come early. She goes. Arjun says sorry, are you alright? Rajjo says that he is fine, I know you can never hurt me, you are afraid of Urvashi, I can hear your heartbeat, you are a coward. He takes her clothes and goes to change.

He sees Rajjo dancing and smiles. Tujhse Juda….khela hai… She gives a flower and asks to give it to Kalindi, don’t say she made it. She says it’s beautiful, I’ll give it to you, you can go out and see what’s going on downstairs, enjoy, dance with your mother. She smiles and thanks him. Pushkar thinks about finding Mannu soon. Manu is at home. She covers her face. Bunty says that Dad might know about him. Her mother says that’s why she brought her here, thanks to the lady who didn’t drag her. Mannu does not see Pushkar. Pushkar asks who got the dirty shoes. Bunty says that she is from the new maid. Pushkar jokes. Mannu thinks I’ve heard this voice somewhere. They go.

Kalindi gets everyone’s wishes. she thanks him Arjun gives her a rose and says it’s a special gift for you. Kalindi says thank you, this is the cutest. Pushkar sees Rajjo in hiding. Jhilmil gives a gift and says that it is the greatest gift. Karthik jokes. She wants Kalindi. They all wish Kalindi and give him gifts. Kalindi hugs Pushkar and tells him I love you dad. She sees Chirag drinking alcohol. Jhilmil scoffed. She says I mean don’t drink today. Pushkar says ok there must be love in the heart, I never gave any gift to my wife but I love her ok Kavita. She shakes her head. Arjun gives Siya a rose. Siya says that dad is secretly congratulating mom. Everyone claps. Kalindi Thank you Siya. Rajjo says that Arjun is very kind, he thinks of everyone. Kalindi drops a rose and asks what happened, the thorns hurt me too, I never thought you would change so much after marriage, love lasts until marriage in love with marriage. Chirag asks how it can be someone’s fault, both should be blamed. She gets sad. He loves her and leaves.

Madhu says you try to fix things in Chirag’s life but… Arjun says leave it at that, just spread happiness. Pushkar sees Arjuna seeing Rajjo. Urvashi says that we will also dance. Honey joke. Urvashi says that I will do as he pleases, now we will dance. They all dance. Dance of Arjun Chirag and Kalindi. Kalindi smiled when she saw Rocky. Arjun hugs Rocky. Rocky and Kalindi exchange glances. Rocky wishes him a happy birthday and blinks. Pushkar thinks Rajjo is thinking of staying here, never mind, I’ll take him to the right place.
Precap: Rajjo falls off the balcony. Arjun screams and hugs her. Madhu asks who is she. Arjun tells them the truth. Madhu scolds him.

Update Credits: Amena

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