Rajeev Sen Blames Charu Asopa for taking his daughter away from him

Rajeev Sen Blames Charu Asopa for taking his daughter away from him

Rajeev Sen Blames Charu Asopa for taking his daughter away from him

The love story of actors Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa has been one of the biggest talking points for a long time. Both have had their fair share of ups and downs, and at times, their personal situations became the subject of public discussion. The couple have continued their relationship before and after their marriage. There were reports that they broke up, but then the couple welcomed their first child.

Since then, both Sen and Asopa have been at it with their accusations and comments. Recently, Charu Asopa went online and made many accusations against him. Now Rajiv has given his version of the story. Sen said on his YouTube channel that Asopa, not him, was using his daughter to get more views on YouTube and that he did not have the opportunity to spend much time with his daughter Gianna.

He first said, “First let me tell you. This is his ‘childhood’. Where all the content I’ve created over the past month is sadly without my family. Ziana is not with me. She is with Charu. And speaking of content, Charu has done a great job with Gianna getting views.

He also revealed, “We are breaking up. Papers, everything is ready and arranged. All we have to do is sign it and we have the date. You have to understand that we are no longer together. But I want us to be there for our daughter, Gianna. But when I hear such things that I use her name to get views, I feel bad. Ziana is not with me. I’m not capturing it, I’m vlogging it. But now she has reached such a point that I can’t even take her name. And if I do, my thoughts will grow. please live life Don’t stoop to this level. I don’t have my daughter and we are separating.”

Sen also mentioned that he had suggested to Asopa that she prioritize her daughter on YouTube. He said, “I told Charu a long time ago when we were talking that I think if you really love our daughter then we should take a break from YouTube. Let’s focus on our daughter and her upbringing, not have her on camera all the time and then travel from A to B and B to C. However, this did not happen. But I thought that if she doesn’t want to leave YouTube, she can vlog without Xiana and show it to her from time to time. Then we’ll see if her views add up. Obviously, they won’t.

Lastly, when it came to spending time with his daughter, he said, “Many of you are concerned about Ziyana and many have come to terms with my separation from Charu. I respect that. But when you call me bad daddy and accuse me of not taking care of Gianna, you don’t get it. Ziana hasn’t left me or it’s not that I want to get away from her. They have taken it from me. And when it happened and they asked me why I wasn’t spending time with Ziyana, for that Charu would have to cooperate and put her ego aside. It’s her stubbornness and I don’t know why so much arrogance against me and the people she doesn’t like based on her status. This is not good for her and the baby. It’s easy for him to comment that I’m not around and that I’m a bad father. If he had been my way, Ziana would have been with me and my family.”

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