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Raghav Tiwari joins Sirf Tum before a jump

The popular show Sirf Tum, which was recently moved from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the early evening, will experience a time warp. In addition to a new track, the upcoming episodes will also see a newcomer in the form of actor Raghav Tiwari.

Raghav, who last appeared in Hamari Wali Good News, was hired in Sirf Tum as an essay parallel leader. The actor opened up about it in a recent interview with BT, sharing: “It’s the arrival of a new male lead. The show time skips and my character is introduced alongside the life of Suhani (Eisha Singh). I play a happy guy trying to make everyone around him happy.”

He added: “My character is also positive and multi-layered. Suhani ki life my ek ladya aaya hai jo uski life ko achha karna chahta hai. Time will tell whether his entry will lead to a love triangle.”

When asked about the challenges of joining in the middle of a show, he replied, “I don’t care about those things. I just think about my character and how challenging it is. In my experience on TV, everything is uncertain as storylines change overnight based on audience feedback. My character in Sirf Tum is quite challenging…that’s why I included it. To be honest, I prefer playing challenging characters to on-screen romance. It gives me an opportunity to do something different, learn as the show progresses, and enjoy playing the role.”

He added: “As for the fear of being overshadowed, I don’t consider it at all. The audience decides the fate of a character. There were four clues in HWGN. It is not necessary that once one is established a new type cannot enter. So I don’t believe in the concept of “overshadowing,” I just believe in doing my best. I think about nothing but my performance. If the audience likes my track in Sirf Tum, I’m sure I’ll discover more. So it doesn’t matter if you board a show halfway through or get on board on day one. What really makes a difference is your performance.”

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