Radhakrishna 28 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Shukracharya tells Bhasmasura about the real identity of Mohini and her family

Radhakrishna 28 March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohini introduces her family to Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura hugged Mahadev and greeted the others. Then he orders to welcome the guests. Asura serves juice to the guests. Sheshnag is scared seeing the Asura and says that the elder brother is trembling at the sight of the Asura. Mahadev acts and drops the glass of juice. Bhasmasura sends off the demon and himself serves them juice. Shukracharya thinks that they are not what they seem, they should use their superpowers to know their true identity. Mohini alerts Mahadev that Shukracharya is trying to find out his identity. Mahadev stops Shukracharya’s superpowers. Bhasmasura introduced Shukracharya to him and praised his knowledge. Shukracharya says that Mohini and Bhasmasura’s marriage muhurta is tomorrow, but he will not be able to attend it.

Mohini says Bhasmasura’s family is missing and more than half of her family is yet to come, she wants dance and celebration in her wedding. Bhasmasura does not know how to dance. Mohini says that her brother will teach her dance as he dances like Natraj. Mahadev gets upset hearing this. Bhasmasura goes with Shukracharya. Mohini tells Mahadev that he should dance as he is Nataraja himself. Sheshnag says that he only knows about her. Mohini says that Narad is an expert singer, Parvati is a trained dancer, and Lakshmi makes Narayan dance to her tune, so they all should dance and also pay attention to their dance which the whole world will remember forever. They all agree. Shukracharya again uses his superpowers and identifies each of them.

Vayudev asks Mahadev that he did not attend that marriage, so he should describe what happened then. Mahadev says that he should question whether Mohini showed up or danced or whether Shukracharya was successful in telling Bhasmasura about the identity of Mohini and her family. He starts the story again where Shukracharya runs to inform Bhasmasura and gets lost in the forest. Mohini realizes her mission and thinks that she needs to do something before Bhasmasura reaches.

Bhasmasura gets ready for the wedding and wonders if Mohini will like his new look. He imagines Mohini in a servant. Sheshnag goes to him and informs that he has already arranged for a priest to arrange his marriage and entertainment. He takes Bhasmasura to the wedding venue and hopes that Narayan will reach there soon. Mohini thanks her family for getting ready for her wedding. Mahadev says that they are eager to see her dance. Mohini says that they should reach the wedding venue before Shukracharya reaches Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura eagerly waits for Mohini and her family. Shukracharya calls Bhasmasura to his room through telepathy and informs that Mohini is Narayan, elder brother is Mahadev, younger brother is Sheshnag, SIL is Parvati, etc. Bhasmasura is shocked to hear this.

Precap: Bhasmasur eagerly waits to see Mohini dance and then reveals Mohini’s true identity. He has a dance face off with Mohini.
Mahadev is afraid that Bhasmasura might lay his head on Narayan.

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