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Radhakrishna 27 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas and Bhargavi express their love for each other

Radhakrishna 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Bhargavi tells Srinivas that she wants to taste butter with him in the same vessel. He gives her another pot to taste. She tastes butter. He says that he wants to tell her something in the forest. She thinks that he has no love for her, she says that he should tell here or can leave. He chooses her tasted butter and thinks that he wants to go to the forest for her at any cost.

Bhargavi grinds grains in anger. Khyati asks whose anger she is taking out over grains. Bhargavi returns to her room and finds Srinivas’ letter for her. She reads it that Srinivas loves her and if she also loves him, she should go to the forest to meet him. She feels extremely happy reading this and thinks that she will meet Srinivas in the forest as she also loves him.

Bhargavi happily runs towards the forest while Srinivas paves a path of flowers for her. She meets Srinivas who shows her something running. She runs after him. He gives her a pot of butter and tells her to taste it first and then feed her, remembering her Goloka days. Bhargavi then rests on his shoulder on a swing. Mahadev is pleased to get his love back to his Aaradhya. Srinivas and Bhargavi spend some great moments together.

Bhargavi then returns home and is shocked when Bhrigu informs her that she has finalized her alliance with Prince Vasu. She gets upset remembering Srinivas professing her love. She thinks she cannot go against her father and leaves. Khyati tells Bhrigu that they should give Bhargavi some time to deal with the sudden news.

Precap: Srinivas enters Bhargavi’s house. Bhrigu senses that Narayan is coming to pick up Bhargavi and notices Srinivas and Bhargavi together.

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