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RadhaKrishn Jul 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi Bhrigu apologizes to Srinivas

RadhaKrishn July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Bhargavi leaves the house thinking that Srinivas will never return from where he went. She greets Venkatrigi with her last greeting. Bhrigu searches for Bhargavi and collapses. Srinivas also searches for Bhargavi and cries as he looks at the places where they used to meet. Bhargavi walks aimlessly. Bhrigu returns home. Khyati asks if he found Bhargavi. Bhrigu says he didn’t and says surely Srinnivas must be behind it. Vasu goes to him and confronts him for making Bhargavi’s alliance with him, knowing that Bhargavi loves Srinivas and makes fun of him in front of everyone.

Bhrigu asks Mahadev to send his Bhargavi/Lakshmi back to him. Srinivas goes to him and says to be glad instead that his Sri left him and even Bhrigu. Bhrigu shouts the conspiracy of his Srinivas. Srinivas says it is a result of Bhrigu’s misdeeds; he never asked Bhargavi to elope and always said that they would only marry with Bhrigu’s help; Bhrigu was greedy for wealth and tried to hold her by force; Lakshmi does not need wealth and would not stay in a place where she is not respected.

Bhargavi arrives at Karveerpur Temple and notices that it is closed. She stops Panditji from entering the temple without entering and asks for a reason. Panditji says years ago lovers hid in this temple and got married secretly, but when the villagers found out about it, they resisted and closed the temple. He asks if she came here to get married. She introduces herself to Srinivas and says that she has already married someone in her mind. He asks if she wants to go to another temple. She says no. He goes and prays for her. She raises a lamp and enters the temple.

Srinivas reminds Bhrigu of the blessings he sought from him and respecting his wish, he gave his wife Lakshmi to Bhrigu as a daughter but Bhrigu tried to keep her in greed. He says that as wealth moves from one place to another, so does Lakshmi, remaining only in Narayan’s heart; Bhrigu has forgotten this and bears the consequences of Lakshmi’s curse; now he can see what it means to be without Sri. Temple lamps light up with Bhargavi’s entrance and lamps in Bhrigu’s house go out.

Bhrigu accepts his mistake and says that Srinivas is right that he became greedy because of it and lost Sri. He demands punishment for his sin. Srinivas says Bhargavi chose a very difficult path and seeing his own daughter suffer is Bhrigu’s regret. Bhargavi prays to Narayan that she came here and took an oath that she will never physically marry anyone.

Preface: Villaers refuse to let Bhargavi stay in Karveerpur until they find out who her husband is and refuse to give her food. Srinivas believes that the villagers will be hungry to insult Bhargavi and keep them hungry.

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