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RadhaKrishn 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhargavi Refuses To Marry Vasu

Radhakrishna Sep 8, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Vasu tells Bhargavi that Srinivas is not interested in him so he should accept his marriage proposal. Bhargavi refused his offer. Vasu gets angry and reminds her of her promise to marry her if he wins the dance contest. Bhargavi says that as far as she remembers, he told her that she would think about it, but she did not promise him. Vasu gets angrier. Srinivas returned to Padmavati. Padmavati offers him food and says that he wants to go back to Venkatagiri tomorrow. He agrees and thinks that he has 1 night to convince Bhargavi that it is important to love oneself in order to have peace of mind.

Vasu tells Bhargavi that he left the wedding mandate and left him and when he found her and wants to remarry her with love, she rejects him again. Bhargavi says that nobody can get love by force, she can never love him. She says that he is not really in love with her and just wants to win her over, he has seen her flirt with Bharya. Vasu burns with rage. He thinks that Srinivas is the cause of his problem, he will first punish Venkatesh and then Srinivas. He meets Bharya/Govindaraj and asks Venkatesh to marry him for revenge. Bharya gets angry and says that she is still married to Venkatesh. Vasu insists. Bharya says that she has no wedding clothes or jewelry. Vasu says that he will fix them and wants to marry her tomorrow morning. Bharya becomes more stressed.

Srinivas meets Bharya/Govindaraj who explains Vasu’s plan and says that he wants to run away. Srinivas says that he needs help from him and explains his plan in the ears. Bharya is convinced. Srinivas then thinks that he needs to summon Rishi Bhrigu and King Akash to Karveerpur to protect his daughters and seek help from Mahadev. He then goes to meet Bhargavi disguised as Venkatesh. Bhargavi is delighted at the thought of Srinivas’ arrival, but sees Venkatesh. Venkatesh asks if he was waiting for someone else. Bhargavi says that he understood her mind, she was waiting for Srinivas. Venkatesh says that he will meet her in the morning. Bhargavi says that she wanted to meet him herself. He asks her how to believe that she wants to meet him, he will turn out late at night anyway. Bhargavi wonders why he feels so sad as when Srinivas used to walk away from her. She begs Narayan to guide her.

Precap: Venkatesh feels that only he knows about the trouble ahead. Guru Shukracharya woke up Kolasura and ordered him to complete his task.

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