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RadhaKrishn 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Helps Shankar Via Mahadev

Radhakrishna Aug 6, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Bhargavi breaks down when Ai betrays him and rejects Gauri and Shankar’s alliance and asks Narayan if his love for Srinivas is not true. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why he or Srinivas don’t listen to Bhargavi’s argument. Mahadev says that he can’t do anything. Devi Gauri asks if Srinivas will remain silent even if Gauri and Shankar are named after her and Mahadev. Srinivas says no and says that he is helpless because the time is not right and asks Mahadev for help. Mahadev says that he knows what to do.

Shankar cries as he remembers Ai’s bitter words and challenge. He thinks that he has no job and no money to marry Gauri and asks Mahadev if he will listen to his devotee or not. Mahadev appears before him disguised as a saint. Shankar says that not even Mahadev is listening to him. Mahadev asks how it is possible, he sees Shankar’s moment to get rich. Shankar asks not to joke with her. Mahadev says that he is not kidding, but he is just reading his future. Shankar says how he will trust someone when Mahadev won’t listen to him. Mahadev says that being a devotee of Narayan, he is a saint with immense powers. Shankar asks how he will get the money. Mahadev says that he will get wealth heading south and leaves from there. Shankar thinks he was a strange brahmin, at least let him taste his words.

Vasu walks with his team looking at the map in the forest. Bhrigu and Govindraj secretly pursue him. Vasu finds out that someone is following him and tells Bala that whoever is following him must trick him. He sees Shankar coming and says that he is looking for a missing woman from his village who is very beautiful, innocent Adi, whose name is Bhargavi. Shankar says that he met Bhargavi who tried to help him. Vasu asks where. Shankar says why would he, he will only report if she is the one Bhargavi considers husband. Vasu acts up and says that he is the one and is worried about Bhargavi. Shankar says that Bhargavi is staying at Karveerpur temple. Vasu asks him to take her there. Shankar says that he can’t go with them because he needs to earn money for his marriage tomorrow.

Mahadev meets Narayan and says that he did as Narayan said and asks if he plans to escape from Padmavati as she won’t let him go without confessing her love to him. Srinivas says that he only loves Bhargavi and is waiting for him to change Shankar’s fate. Vasu gives Shankar money and hopes that he will marry his girlfriend. Shankar says that he will take her to Bhargavi. Vasu asks Bala to fool those who spy on him and decides to find and punish Bhargavi.

Bhargavi tells the idol of Narayan that he had taken an oath to unite Gauri and Shankar but failed. She wonders if her love for Srinivas is impure as the villagers say. Srinivas feels that Bhargavi is doubting her love for the first time, he comes to her for her love. He swears an oath to Agni Dev that he will convince Bhargavi that her love is the purest in the universe.

Precap: Bhrigavi tells Vasu that Srinivas really loves her. Vasu says that if Srinivasa really loved her, she would not have married Padmavati the same night Bhargavi left Venkatagiri. Srinivas thinks that Vasu is very cunning and evil, he will punish Vasu.

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