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RadhaKrishn 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Rescues Saambh And Balram

Radhakrishna Sep 30, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Rahu and Ketu promise Shukracharya that they will spoil Krishna’s plan and get him into trouble. Shukracharya asks them to trick Balarama and Sambha and prevent them from reaching Radha and the other women. Rahu and Ketu create the illusion of Radha with her evil eyes. Krishna’s flute stops. Balarama and Sambha see Radha’s illusion and follow her. This leads them to a magical cave. The illusion wears off and they are trapped in a cave. Rahu and Ketu laugh and say that Balarama and Sambha will never be able to get out of the cave. Balram struggles to break through the cave door, but fails. Suffocation smoke comes out of him. Rahu praises Ketu for annoying the enemies.

Shukracharya says that he can’t waste time watching his game, he wants me to help Apasmara defeat Mahadev. Sambha suffocates and pleads with Krishna for help. Krishna thinks that he needs to stay there to control Mahadev’s anger, but then he stops listening to Sambh’s plea and comes to his aid. Shukracharya praises Rahu Ketu for forcing Krishna to leave Mahadev alone. Rahu Ketu saves Apasmara from his evil powers from the sound of Mahadev’s damru.

Krishna arrives at the place and notices his bansuri. He chooses it and thinks that this bansuri has been played many times for Radha and now the love for Radha will save Sambh and Balram. He remembers all the moments he spent with Radha and breaks the confusion surrounding Sambha and Balarama. He then releases Sambh and says that he will protect his son when he is in trouble. Balarama and Sambha explained the whole incident. Krishna says that Rahu and Ketu did this to trick him and promises to find Radha and the other women soon.

Shukracharya asks Rahu and Ketu to stop Krishna. Rahu Ketu asked him not to worry as Apasmara would have conquered Mahadev without Krishna’s presence. Apasmar challenges Mahadev by telling him that his energy is rising and that soon evil will triumph over good. Krishna senses the situation and runs back to Mahadev. Mahadev loses control over anger and chooses the trident from him. To appease Mahadev, Krishna plays the flute. He touches the damaru again and climbs on top of Apasmara to kill her. Krishna thinks that Apasmara cannot end so soon, otherwise there may be a great calamity.

Precap: Krishna stops Mahadev from killing Mahadev.
Mahadev says that Apasmara separated him from Radha and Goddess Gauri. Krishna says that it is not Apasmara’s fault, but that his actions separated him from Radha.

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