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RadhaKrishn 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Describes Aristasur’s Story

Radhakrishna Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Radha offers bhog/food to the cows and hopes they like it. Aristasur thinks that the citizens of Vrindavan are fools for feasting on a demon who wants to kill Krishna. Mahadev and Goddess Gauri discuss that Aristrasura does not know what it means to get a feast through Goddess Radha. Radha serves food to all the cows except Arishtasura. Aristasur fumes seeing this and thinks that Radha is a fool for not serving her food. Radha says that she is a fool who came to kill Krishna and warns him to come back or she will kill him. Arishtasura thinks that she will kill Radha along with Krishna.

Mahadev says that Goddess Radha did the right thing by not feeding Aristasur. Goddess Gauri asks who is Arishtasura. Mahadeva narrates that Arishtasura was a Brahmin in a previous birth who prayed to the god Brihaspati and was granted the boon that no one could defeat him and that he should be the most powerful. He becomes selfish and thinks that he is immortal. Mahadev says that the sage Brihaspati also became arrogant and asked Brahmadev for a boon to meet his favorite devotee Vartantu. Vartantu is approached by the sage Brihaspati, who arrogantly misbehaves with him and is cursed to be born as a cow in his next life and thus as a bull demon Aristasura in the next life.

Mahadev goes on to narrate how Brahmadev made Brihaspati realize her mistake and said that you should not be proud of someone without judging them.

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