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RadhaKrishn 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Indradev’s Demand – News

Radhakrishna Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Nanda thanks the citizens of Vrindavan for coming to his meeting at his invitation and reports that his village priest wishes to make an announcement. Purohit says that they will worship Devraj Indra after 2 days. Krishna says that she will surely worship while it rains thanks to him. Yashoda says that they will have a special celebration during the puja. Devraj Indra becomes arrogant and thanks that the citizens of Vrindavan are grateful to him when he offers them rain, this time he will offer them rain, based on the efforts they put into worshiping him. Purohit says that they will perform yagya like every year.

Hearing this, Indra gets angry and says that if he only performs Yagya and does not do anything special, then it will not rain. Suryadev says that this is what he has been doing for years, Indra should be pleased with his devotion. Indra says that it is his wish that they give him something special, so if they don’t, he won’t give them rain this time. He calls Samvartaka/Megh and orders him to convey his message to the citizens of Vrindavan. Samvartak informs the citizens of Vrindavan that if they do not sacrifice 101 cows, 100 kg of grain, 50 liters of milk, etc. to Indradev, they will face Indradev’s wrath. Yashoda asks how Indradev can demand such a huge sacrifice from him.

Radha and Balarama suggest Krishna to talk to Indradev and resolve the issue. Nand says that only 1 person cannot fulfill Indradev’s demand, 10 people should fulfill it. Yashoda says that they cannot be partial. Nand says that we will choose them through chit. The citizens of Vrindavan agree. Krishna says that there is no use in talking to Indradev when he has already decided. Nand says that they will leave tomorrow. Vrishabhan informs Nanda that he will return to Barsana after worshiping Lord Indra. Nand says as he wants.

Radha is in pain at the thought of leaving Vrindavan and Krishna. Yashoda approaches him and tells him that they will see him smiling as they greet him. Radha thinks that if he is in his destiny, he will part with Krishna and return to Dwarka. Krishna feels that before that she needs to complete some pending work. Balarama approaches her and asks if she is worried about Radha leaving Vrindavan. Krishna says that he cannot change fate. Narad meets Indradev and tries to confront him about the illegal demand from him. Indradev showed the arrogance of him. Narayan informs him that Kansa adores him and asks for a blessing. Indradev says that he cannot help. Narayan feels that now only Mahadev can help him.

The Ashtasakhis ask Radha if they should talk to her parents and convince them to let Radha stay in Vrindavan. Radha refuses and asks them to help her with the puja preparations.

Precap: Krishna tells the citizens of Vrindavan that it is Indradev’s duty to bring rain and help them farm, so they should not sacrifice anything for Indradev. Indradev gets angry with Krishna.

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