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RadhaKrishn 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Venkatesh Is Hurt

Radhakrishna Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Bhargavi comes out of the river to find his clothes missing. Uma tells her not to worry and looks for Bhargavi’s clothes. She says that only her clothes are there, not Bhargavi. Bhargavi notices some women and calls them for help. Venkatesh says that everything is going according to his plan. Govindraj/Bharya asks if Bhargavi’s clothes have been stolen. Venkatesh then says who else pushes him towards Bhargavi. Bhargavi asks the women to find his dress. Women do not find the dress of him.

Venkatesh shows Bhargavi’s clothes on a tree and says that he will climb a tree and fetch Bhargavi’s clothes. Bharya stops him fearing the women will recognize him. Venkatesh stood his ground and climbed the tree. He throws away Bhargavi’s clothes and asks Uma to give them to Bhargavi. Bhargavi gets dressed and says that finally his problem is solved. Venkatesh falls from the tree to attract Bhargavi’s attention. Bhargavi ran towards him. Bharya acts angry and leaves there. Venkatesh walks with a limp. The women realize everything and tell Padmavati about the whole incident. Padmavati thinks that she needs to know more about Venkatesh.

Venkatesh groans in pain. Govindraj asks why he made such a move, he was about to be caught by the women. Vasu arrives there and says that she heard about Venkatesh’s bravery at the bottom of the lake and praised Venkatesh. Bharya/Govindaraj begins to cry and works to massage Venkatesh’s feet. Vasu says that he will send medicine for Venkatesh. Venkatesh left. Vasu flirts with Bharya. Bharya/Govindaraj becomes angry as he recalls a past incident where a man proposed to him as a woman.

Uma tells Bhargavi that Venkatesh seems to be a good person, that he is injured and that they should go and check on him. Bhargavi agrees. Aai walks in and begs him not to meet Venkatesh.

Precap: Padmavati challenges Bhargavi to a dance competition. Bhargavi refuses, but Venkatesh gets there and says that Bhargavi accepts her challenge.

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