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RadhaKrishn 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kans Meets Aristasur

Radhakrishna Nov 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Kirtida and Yashoda feel happy remembering Radha Krishna’s raas/dance last night. They are shocked to see all the household chores done and wonder who could have done it. They see the Ashta Sakhis working and they think that Radha will get angry with them again and therefore they are doing all the work. Remembering the divine Lakshmi Narayan avatar of Radha Krishna, the Ashta Sakhis requested her to rest and work. Kirtida says that surely Radha must have ordered her to do all the work.

Radha wakes up and sees her food and all her decorative items ready and thinks that the Ashta Sakhis must have done this. She goes to Krishna’s room and sees the Ashta Sakhis serving Krishna, asking them to leave her and Krishna alone. Krishna says that everyone’s behavior will change towards him except Balarama after meeting the divine incarnation of him. Radha asks how they will live a normal life now.

Asthi returns to Mathura with Akrur. Akrura asked him to meet with Kansa alone, since Kansa might get mad at him if she didn’t find a solution to her problem. The guards say that Kansa is calling them both. They both go to Kansa, where Prapti says that instead of meeting Krishna, they should have helped Akrura in finding a powerful asura to kill Krishna. Not getting a solution, Kansa threatened to kill Akrur. Akrura says that Krishna loves cows and he found Arishtasura who is a demon bull and can kill Krishna. Kansa liked the idea of ​​him.

Yashoda caresses Radha and considers her as his heart. As he is about to express his wish, Kirita informs him that Nanda is calling him. Yashoda leaves and Radha hopes that Yashoda will consider making her the heart of her. Krishna saw that one of his cows was missing and told his other cows that the other cow was safe and missed him. Asthi takes care of the cow thinking that Krishna had sent her for some reason. Akrur says that he shouldn’t have brought this cow here. Asthi questions why he told Kansa about Arishtasura. Akrura says that she remembered his words that Krishna loves cows, so the asura bull demon Aristrasura is the best choice to kill Krishna. Arishtasura meets Kansa who gives him a task to kill Krishna, a cowherd man.

Precap: Yashoda discusses Radha’s alliance with Kirtida.

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