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RadhaKrishn 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Radhakrishna Sep 24, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Krishna goes on to describe Sita’s suffering to Radha and Subhadra. Radha says that he feels sorry for Goddess Sita and can feel Sita’s pain. Subhadra says that she too can feel Sita’s pain and asks what happened when Sita learned that Meghnad won the war and Rama lost. Krishna says that Goddess Sita fell after him. Sita hopes Ram is okay. Ravana’s servants walk by in the bride’s dress and ask her to marry Ravana when Rama lost the battle. Trijata enters and drives them away. She tells Sita that she convinced Ravana to postpone the marriage for a day. Sita thanks him and asks him to meet Rama and give him a message about Ravana trying to marry him. Trijata says that Ravana will not marry her because he had a dream in which Rama’s disciple Hamuman burned Lanka and saved her from her. Sita hopes that her dream will come true.

Krishna sees Balarama coming and goes towards him. Balarama shows Krishna’s magical wings and says that his magic in Apasmara has been destroyed, so he must do something before Apasmara reaches Mahadev. Krishna says that he can stop Apasmara only by making Radha happy, he will continue her story and try to make her happy again, let him see if Apasmara’s evil spells will win or Radha Krishna’s love. Mahadev keeps dancing. Nandi and the phantom phantom saw the evil shadow covering Kailash and tensed up. Apasmara tells Shukracharya that he will soon come to Mahadev and spoil his dance. Rahu and Ketu discuss that Shukracharya will soon catch up with them and defeat Krishna.

Krishna returns to Radha and Subhadra and continues the story of Rama and Sita. Sita prays to Mahadev to fulfill Trijata’s dream and win over Sri Rama. Ravana’s servants return and ask Sita why she is not ready yet. Trijata enters and asks them to organize the last rites for Meghnath when Lakshmana killed her. The confrontation between Ravana and Rama begins. Ravana’s servants apologized to Sita after learning of Ravana’s defeat. Rama defeated Ravana and killed him. The reunion of Rama and Sita. Lakshmana apologizes for not protecting Sita. Sita says that truth always defeats evil and says that Trijata supported her when she was alone.

Trijata falls at the feet of Rama and Sita and says that she is excited to see them together in this life. Ram wants her wish. She wants to be close to Rama and Sita in her next life. Ram blesses him.

Precap: Apasmara asks who will stop him. Goddess Gauri says love for Radha Krishna. Apasmara says that when Krishna’s magic could not stop him, then how will Krishna’s love stop him?

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