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RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Relationship Between Him, Radha, And Subhadra

Radhakrishna Sep 23, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Radha saves Subhadra from drowning in the river and asks if she is okay. She thinks how Krishna can do this. Krishna thinks that Radha will soon realize the relationship between him, him and Subhadra. Shukracharya thinks that Krishna tricked Apasmara with his magic and prevented him from reaching Mahadev, he would not allow Krishna to make Mahadev women and men like Mahapurush. Balarama remembers Apasmara, who has a negative effect on women, and hopes that Mahadev’s dance/anand will continue for 9 days and that Krishna’s plan will succeed.

Radha and Subhadra angrily seek out Krishna to learn why he did not save Subhadra from the lake. Krishna kneels before them and refuses to get up until they forgive him. Apasmara feels that listening to Mahadev’s damaru must be a headache and through Mahadev’s superpowers, he realizes that Krishna betrayed him. He thinks that he will find Mahadev at all costs and cast a spell on him to foil Krishna’s plan. Seeing this, Shukracharya yells at Krishna.

Radha and Subhadra forgive Krishna. Krishna reveals that he and Radha are having an affair with Subhadra in his previous life. Radha asks what life. Krishna feels that he has forgotten everything due to Apasmara’s evil magic. He narrates a story when they were Rama and Sita and Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. The demon/evil harasses Sita and taunts her by saying that Ram will definitely be defeated by Meghnath today. Trijata shows the demons and prays for Rama’s victory. Sita thanks him and says that she is a goddess. Radha asks how Subhadra is related to this story. Krishna says in the last part of the story and continues the story where the demons bring a wedding dress for Sita and lie to her that Meghnath defeated Rama and now she should marry Ravana.

Shukracharya tries to help Apasmara with his black magic. Balarama prays to Mahadev, but Mahadev, who is busy dancing, cannot hear him. Krishna’s wings return clearing the protective barrier around Mahadev. Shukracharya asks Apasmara to go towards the sound of Mahadava’s drum. Apasmara says that he can hear Damru’s voice, it’s time to cast a spell on Mahadev and foil Krishna’s plan.

Precap: Apasmara asks who will stop him. Goddess Gauri says love for Radha Krishna. Apasmara says that when Krishna’s magic could not stop him, then how will Krishna’s love stop him?

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