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RadhaKrishn 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev And Devi Parvati Visit Dwarka

Radhakrishna Oct 12, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Revathi and Balarama celebrate Radha Krishna’s return to Dwarka and distribute clothes and invitations to the Vijaya Dashami festival to the citizens of Dwarka. Radha looks at the rangoli of her and the Ardhanareshwar avatar of Krishna and smiles. Krishna goes to her and is happy to see her happy. Mahadev goes to Goddess Parvati and is pleased to see her smile. Goddess Parvati says that Radha’s behavior towards Krishna makes her happy, Radha looks lovingly at Krishna as if she is seeing him for the first time. Nandini invites them to Radha. Goddess Parvati reads it and sheds tears. Mahadev asks the reason. He cries tears of joy at seeing Radha’s invitation to celebrate the Vijayadashami festival.

Krishna announces that he has invited sages and many others to the Vijaya Dashami festival. Radha holds Krishna’s hand and remembers her love for him. Krishna asks her if she is thinking about something. Radha says no. Rishi comes. Radha happily feeds them. Krishna asks you to accompany her to greet the most special guests. Mahadev and Goddess Parvati walk around disguised as humans. Krishna greets them and thanks them for coming and helping them. Radha says that if something had happened to her Krishna, she would have been in deep pain. Mahadev asked him not to call Krishna his own just because he also has authority over Krishna. Radha nodded her head affirmatively. Krisha congratulates them on the party.

Radha and Krishna then sit by the lake and profess their love for each other. Radha wishes that her love lives for decades. Krishna agrees. She rests on her shoulder and says that she wants the whole universe to know that Radha and Krishna’s love is immortal and unique. Afterwards, they both worship the goddess together. While she worships, Radha sees Krishna again and again. After the puja, Balarama asks Krishna when he and Radha will meet. Krishna says that the time has not yet come for him. Shukracharya thinks that he needs to find another cruel enemy for Krishna. Hearing this, Krishna becomes serious. Shankhchurna is shown with an evil smile.

Precapture: Mahadev is glad to see Shankhachurna at the Krishna festival. Shankhchurna gives away Radha. Radha ignores him and seeing him she walks towards Krishna. Shankhacharna feels humiliated and decides to take revenge.

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