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RadhaKrishn 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Vrindavan Visit

Radhakrishna Nov 10, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Nanda tells Krishna that a daughter like Radha is very auspicious. Krishna asks what is so special about Radha that she is not into other girls. Nanda describes the special qualities of Radha. Krishna asks what else is special about Radha. Yashoda rolls her ears and asks why he wants to know about Radha. Krishna says there is pain. Yashoda asks him to come to lunch. Balarama says that she is feeding Krishna instead of scolding him.

Kansa’s aide told him that Balarama had badly defeated Bakasura. Kansas refused to believe him. Bakasura comes in a bad position. Kansas asks what happened to him. Bakasura asks his permission to kill Krishna and bring him to him. Kansas allows you.

Vrishabhavan and his team leave for Vrindavan on trains. Radha is eager to get there and questions Vrishabhaan again and again. Vrishabhan asked him to have a little patience. The car’s wheel gets stuck in the pit. Radha says that she will wander until the car is fixed and she leaves. Krishna looks at Radha from the rock. Radha reaches the border of Vrindavan. Krishna meets him and welcomes him. They both enter Vrinda together. Yashoda and Nanda see them in the market and identify Radha. She hugs and pampers Radha and welcomes her to her home. They both wait for Vrishabhan and his team to arrive.

Vrushabhan and his team arrive. Nand and Kirtida welcome them. Kirtida recognizes Krishna and Balarama and praises them. There is a discussion about what kind of boy Radha wants to marry and how Krishna wants to marry the girl. Radha expresses her desire for him while Krishna expresses her desire for him and tells jokes. Everyone laughs at Krishna. Yashoda asked Krishna to give his room to Radha. Krishna hesitantly leads Radha into his room. Radha sees the gift for him. Krishna says that Balarama kept them to himself. Radha gets mad at him and asks what she bought him. Krishna says that he is writing a Prem Granth/Prem Granth for her. She feels happy.

Precap: Krishna presents the love texts to Radha.
Radha looks at the papers and asks if this is her love book. Krishna throws paper into the sky which becomes her sketch. He says that she will stay in her room and heart her from here. Radha thinks that she will remain in her heart.

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