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Radha Mohan 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha manages to break the protection shield used to trap Tulsi

Radha Mohan Jan 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan enters the room and is shocked to see Radha on the floor, he asks if she is alright. When Radha notices that there is someone next to her, she tells him that I am very scared. What is going on, Mohan tries to ensure that what is going on there is no one here but Radha keeps crying and refuses to believe, she is really scared and hugs Mohan crying. The whole family is surprised to see his state. Mohan assures that there is no one here.

Damini angrily pushes Radha away from Mohan, revealing that Radha has actually lost her mind and needs an excuse to be close to her. Mohan asks if Damini has lost her mind, so she should at least see her condition, Damini replies that she can see that Mohan is still worried about Radha, so he must decide if he wants her in his life, she threatens to leave the house. Kadambari advises Mohan to think before making any decision as it is related to Gungun’s life, Gungun herself asks Dad to let Radha stay here and advises him to at least see her as she is missing. all right.

Mohan asks Dadi to take Radha with him, explaining that the longer he stays here, he will get sick. Radha refuses to go anywhere as Dadi tries her best to take her away but Radha sits on the ground begging them not to take her away. Mohan gets very angry seeing the situation, he cannot control his emotions and stops Dadi and he himself takes Radha’s hand, Mohan asks him to come, she asks him not to, but he begs her to come, Radha leaves. he realizes that the wire was around the door of the house and then also in the mandap. She thinks if the power that is in the room is tied to the rope but they don’t want to harm anyone. . Radha asks Mohan not to take it but he continues to pull her, Mohan once again stops at the door where Radha asks him not to, she deliberately wraps her legs around the rope and when Mohan pulls her by force breaks security. Tulsi is happy to see this, she thanks Radha for breaking the Raksha Kavach as she is fine now.

Mohan is pulling Radha as she tries her best to stop him but Mohan doesn’t even look at her and drags her into the hallway, she drops the decoration a lot but Mohan doesn’t care he keeps leading her to the main one. gate, but she finally confronts him saying that she shouldn’t, Mohan explains that T is already too difficult so he shouldn’t make it more troublesome. Radha requests to trust him when Mohan replies that he trusts her so he is also suspicious of Damini but she was proven to be innocent so now he has to fulfill the promise he made to Damini he says he has to marry her. she.

Mohan apologizes if he broke her heart, explaining that it is his fault that she loves him, he is the one responsible for this situation as Radha filled his life with happiness but in return she gave him pain, now it is too much. Mohan asks Radha to leave, Dadi still asks Radha but she refuses. Mohan asks Dadi to take care of Radha and not scold her as he can’t even imagine what Radha has done for this family, he has protected the family from her many times including humming, he will help them in any situation . I can’t complete. He reveals that he didn’t think he would ask Radha to leave like this, but he has no hope. Mohan tells him that Radha will always be in his life and her heart, both Kaveri and Damini are furious.

Mohan accepts that he took responsibility for her, she will always have a special place in his heart, he will not back down on his responsibility, Radha only leaves this house but she will always be in his heart. Radha once again asks Mohan not to do this, Mohan mentions that he will support her if she needs anything, she will always do her duty. Mohan mentions that she should go but Radha still refuses to go. Radha also pushes Dadi.

Mohan goes to find Bihari ji, returns them to Radha and tells her that he is not going anywhere with his Bihari ji. Mohan asks him to take Bihari ji. Radha, crying slowly, takes Bihari ji from her hands. Mohan remembers how Radha was always there to take care of him in every problem, he expresses that he wants to live her life with her, mentions that she is her god after what he has done for him. Radha also stares at him thinking of the times they had spent together, Kaveri nods to Damini who tells her that the time for marriage has come, Mohan withdraws his hands, wiping tears from his face, leads Radha out of the house . Gungun calls out to her, but Mohan closes the door and pushes Radha out of the house.

Gungun tries to go after Radha but Kadambari stops her, she looks towards the door and apologizes to Radha that she is also responsible for what happened. Radha knocks on the door, while Mohan, still standing on the other side, knocks on her as well.
Radha and Mohan think back to the day they first held hands, Mohan walks away from the door, emotionally broken but constantly thinking about the beautiful times he had with Radha Is.

At last Mohan walks away from the door, continually wiping away his tears. Rameshwar tells Dadi that he will bring the rickshaw. Dadi glares at Radha who slowly walks away from the door, Radha looks at the security cover and remembers how she managed to break it, Radha thinks she is going to leave but as she was helping her, Radha also needs her help and whoever it is must stop. this marriage Tulsi comes and explains what they have to do, Damini thinks that she has separated both of them from Mohan, but Damini doesn’t know that they have met, she tells them that they have to work together and this marriage has to end.

Precap: Gungun mentions that Radha says that whatever happens because of her wish is good, but what doesn’t happen because of her wish is even better, so it means that Bihari ji doesn’t want Radha to be her mother. Tulsi crying asks Bihari ji for a sign with which she can talk to Radha, she prostrates herself in the temple when her Mangal Sutur gets stuck, Tulsi wonders if this is the sign.

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