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Radha Mohan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini finds out the truth about Hriday

Radha Mohan Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The whole family is enjoying when someone opens the door of the house and goes straight to the heart, everyone is stunned to see him when Mr. Trivedi is there, Kadambari says that he came on a very lucky day. . Shree Trivedi asks who she is, Pandit ji mentions that he is Hriday, soon to be Radha’s husband, she accepts Shree Trivedi’s blessings and Hriday does the same. Kadambari introduces Shri Trivedi to Lata ji and tells him that he had gone to Nainital, Hriday is stunned hearing the name, so Shri Trivedi starts wondering if he has seen Hriday anywhere, he grabs Lata ji’s hand with force and says that he has danced such. To the extent that his breath isn’t the same as his asthma pump, they both pass out.

Ketki immediately asks if he brought breakfast for everyone from Nainital, Mr. Trivedi says how come he didn’t bring them from Nainital. Ketki asks Shekhar and Mohan Bhai to come too, Mohan comes back to leave but Mr. Trivedi says that he should take them too as he likes to eat them too. Mohan starts to walk slowly towards Sri Trivedi, he is about to leave angry, but Radha tells him not to go, so Mohan finds out how he said that when he does not understand his father’s fear, he is about to fulfill the duties . full When Radha starts to smile, Mohan slowly picks up a piece.

Hriday says what kind of house is this because any member comes to his house, he says if he goes to Nainital he will see the wanted poster there. Hriday thinks that if Damini finds out about Mal, she will kick them both out of the house. Dulari is eating breakfast when the newspaper flies off the plate.

Damini is putting on her makeup in the room when Kaveri asks if she’s sure Tulsi slapped her, Damini asks how someone can slap her in the middle. Damini thinks how she thought she would handle this situation easily, but seeing this now, she must keep this in mind and she must make sure nothing goes wrong. Damini says that if Tulsi has seen her with her heart and that is why she is trying to stop this marriage, Kaveri warns her to keep her voice down because if Tulsi doesn’t know about her then something will definitely go wrong.

Mohan goes to Radha and asks if she is alright, Dadi asks what kind of question is she asking, why the bride will not be happy with her engagement. Dadi asked if he had forgotten the vow he had made to her mother when she said that she would not attend the engagement. Mohan replies that he can never forget the fast, but the engagement is over, Radha also defends Mohan, saying that she did nothing wrong, she tries to seek his blessings but Mohan asks why she didn’t remove the ring from her finger? , they both don’t know about the newspaper that is on the floor.

Shekhar hugs Mohan and tells him that it’s time for him to go, Mohan looks at Dadi but she doesn’t show any kind of happiness so he says that he should go himself but the newspaper takes him too. she is shocked to see Hriday’s photo in the newspaper. Kadambari asks what is going on because she is sweating, Damini replies that she is hot and then Kadambari says that there should be no problem at the mehendi ceremony tomorrow, she asks if Damini has made sweets for the guests. Damini is looking through the newspaper, she gets annoyed wondering if Dulari took them with her.

Dulari walks into the room, Mohan is surprised as she leaves and asks her what she’s doing because she couldn’t come after knocking on the door. Dulari asks where the chadar is. Mohan explains that there is a house but he can’t walk freely but this is just the room, so he asks her why she follows him when he asks for the sheet, she points to the other side of the bed. When he drops the newspaper, Dulari kneels down to pick it up.

Sitting on the bed, Mohan asks why they ask him for newspapers when they have already turned the house into a wedding hall.

Dulari is walking when Damini stops her from asking if these are the sheets she has picked up from the hallway, she replies that she has lost her ring and is looking for it. Damini wonders if anyone saw Hriday’s photo, backs up and asks what’s going on, she leads him inside.

Gungun tells Radha that she can have a video call with him, but Gungun asks why he wants to know why he needs to learn, Radha explains that she will be able to talk to him after they get married. Gungun says that he has dialed a video call to Bihari ji from him. Gungun said that he is sleepy. Radha is talking to Mohan, who asks her why she didn’t take off her ring, Radha replies that she is usually very easy, but she never got engaged. Radha asks if anyone can get fat in fifteen minutes. Mohan also asks her to rest as it is her mehendi function tomorrow. Mohan hangs up the phone when he hears Radha screaming, she loves him, he is shocked but then he sees Radha whispering to Gungun that she loves Mohan ji, she mentions after a while that he is her father and remembers what he had asked of her. Radha if she was doing it even once before, she mentions that children do what they remember.

Hriday asks Damini if ​​he really saw it with his own eyes, Damini replies why he would lie to him if anyone else finds out about the newspaper it will all be ruined. Hriday asks her if she is reading what is written, she replies that Kadambari arrived before she could read anything. Damini promises to make sure no one gets anything else, her plan will be ruined, and she leaves. Her heart thinks that if someone sees the newspaper, they will be ruined.

In the morning, Damini walks downstairs as Hriday walks up to her and assures her that it’s okay because the newspaper must have been thrown away by now, Damini thinks she won’t be satisfied until she finds herself. Otherwise, the whole plan will be ruined.

Radha is walking with Dadi who asks her what happened when she replies that she feels something is not right. Dadi replied that it is only because she is about to get married. Radha stops as the garbage arrives in front of her while Dulari is cleaning the room. Kadambari questions how she behaves herself as she throws garbage in front of the girlfriend, Dulari apologizes for her mistake and says that Mohan asked her to clean the room. Radha picks up the newspaper and becomes very tense after reading it.

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