Radha Mohan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari handover keys to Radha

Radha Mohan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari handover keys to Radha

Radha Mohan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari handover keys to Radha

Radha Mohan Feb 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan tells Kadambari you said Radha is the daughter in law of this house and you want to complete a ritual you can do whatever you want but Radha can’t be my wife so I keep my keys. Kadambari says that you forgot what I said yesterday. Mohan remembers telling Kadambari not to say anything during the ritual. Tulsi tells Radha not to be sad soon, Mohan will fall in love with you. Kadambari tells Mohan not to interfere and it is my decision who to give these keys to. Kadambari says that Radha Mohan’s grandmother gave these keys to her mother and after her death Mohan’s grandmother gave these keys to me, then I gave these keys to Tulsi but unfortunately she left us at that time Dadi was in Haridwar , she came back to return these keys The way you married Mohan didn’t give us a chance to invite him, but I think he must have chosen you as the rightful owner of the keys. Damini would have been the owner, but as you are married to Mohan, therefore as the daughter-in-law of the Trivedi family, you must possess these keys, Kadambari is about to hand over the keys to Radha. Damini runs up and grabs the key from her hand. Kadambari scolds Damini and says her nonsense. Damini says that I am the rightful owner of these keys as Mohan asks me to be his wife. Kadambari tells Damini that these keys are for the daughter-in-law and not Mohan’s wife, she is married to Mohan, so Radha, the rightful owner, must return the keys now. Damini tells Kadambari that Radha didn’t take everything from me one by one and if things continue like this she will become permanent here, I will keep these keys with me, Damini starts walking but Radha takes her hand. Damini gets angry and pushes her hand away. Radha says I don’t know who the rightful owner is, but I’m sure you’re not, and I won’t stand for you insulting my mother-in-law. Ketki thinks that she takes the keys anyway or everything will be ruined. Tulsi says why Damini needs the key, she must be hiding something. Radha snatches the key from Damini’s hand. Damini tells Mohan to show me that you consider me your wife and give me the key. Mohan says that it is the mother’s decision. Ketki tells Damini that I will show you the way to get the keys, she runs to Radha to grab the keys from her but she stops her and says that I will give these keys to the rightful owner. Radha walks towards Mohan’s room.

Everyone in Mohan’s room. Radha hangs the keys under the photo of Mohan and Tulsi and tells everyone that Tulsi is the rightful owner of these keys. Tulsi tells Radha that I hand over all responsibility to you, you are the rightful owner. Kadambari smiles and says that she must have directly told us that she cannot handle the responsibilities here to be Mohan’s wife. Radha says that this is not true. Mohan tells Kadambari to forget it, she can’t handle it. Damini says you can give me the keys, I can manage and she starts walking towards them. Radha stops her and tells her that she cannot handle this responsibility, she turns around, praying to God for blessings in her hand. Keep Radha’s key with you. Damini says no need to brag Radha, you are here as a tenant and after six months these keys will be mine. Radha says that at least I am a wife for six months, but what are you? He teases her and asks Kadambari when Damini and Ketki will return home. Kadambari gets angry and asks what are you saying Radha? Radha says that being the daughter-in-law of this house, it is my duty to know when they are coming back so that I can take care of them properly. Damini says not to get in the way. Radha says that I am a daughter-in-law and it is my responsibility to take care of this house, she teases him and leaves. Tulsi praises Radha. Damini tells Mohan that you didn’t even react to her comments, she is planning to throw me out of this house, now she will tell us what to do, tell me one thing if the compromise between you and Kadambari is the value. Mohan leaves the room.

Radha approaches Dulari in the corridor and tells her to make arrangements for lunch. Mohan goes to Radha and scolds her and tells her to stop dramatizing. Radha asks what happened. Mohan says how dare you talk to Damini like that, she was here before you, you are a guest.

Mohan says I will tell you who Damini is, she is my wife and I have given her this right, it is you who is leaving. It’s actually my fault. I told Maa to let you stay here. Radha tells Mohan enough.


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