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Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha vows to tell Mohan the truth

Radha Mohan Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Damini is standing in front of Radha, Tulsi holds her hand seeing Radha freaks out and says that she felt like someone grabbed her hand, Damini thinks she can’t let this happen when Tulsi makes her aware of her presence. she first she slapped him but now she says a ghost had slapped her so she should pretend somewhere else, Tulsi says she knows what Damini is trying to do. That Radha doesn’t feel her presence, but she knows that Radha is a real person, so she will find out the truth. . Radha pushes Damini away saying that the drama will not affect her anymore because she thought that Damini is a kind person but she is ready to ruin everyone’s life for her own benefit and take the life of all the children. , she leaves to reveal Damini’s truth to everyone, Damini thinks that this can’t happen as she won’t let her plans fail.

Radha is looking for Kadambari so that she can tell her the truth about Damini otherwise no one will be able to control Mohan ji, she doesn’t find her in the room but then she hears Kadambari calling for Ajit and Ketki as they definitely need her. and Kaveri stare at Radha, Damini tells her that Kaveri should take care of Tulsi, while she will stop Radha from going to Kadambari, Kaveri asks how she can do this and runs into the room humming, Tulsi follows her.

As she leaves the house, Radha calls out to Kadambari, Damini quickly covers her face before leading her to the corner, Kadambari walks away after returning to the house, but then Radha says that she first thought that she would not tell Mohan the truth. but her actions are not like that, Damini asks Radha not to tell the truth to anyone as she will also become a good mother to Gungun and let her stay in this house but Radha replies that her lie will not stop her this time. she even kneels before him. However, Radha tries to get away from her. When Damini threatens that if she tells the truth it will be really bad, Radha says that it doesn’t matter how bad. Not there.

Kaveri walks into Gungun’s room while he is sleeping and tries to remove the bedspread but Tulsi stops her and pushes her saying that no one wants to hurt her daughter.

Radha confronts Kaveri when Damini asks her to stop as she is going to tell Mohan the truth, Kaveri twisting her hand threatens that she shouldn’t even think about telling Mohan the truth but Radha takes Kaveri’s hand. Damini gets angry and starts walking towards her but Tulsi drops her saying that this time he cannot ruin Radha’s plan. Kaveri once again tries to stop Radha when she tells him that Kaveri, being her mother, should have made sure that her daughter walks on the right path, but she supports her even as she mutters with twenty children. Kaveri tries to explain, but Radha says that if she tries to say anything else, she will forget that Kaveri is the eldest of hers. Tulsi said that Radha should go and tell Mohan the truth.

Tulsi wonders where Mohan is thinking if she is shocked to learn the truth about Damini as she is her friend Tulsi goes to check on Mohan.

Damini is following Radha when she takes a vase and is about to kill Radha but Tulsi stops her by holding her hand, Kaveri is shocked to see this and claims that the ghost has returned once more. As Tulsi pushes Damini away, Kaveri acts like nothing happened in front of Radha.

Tulsi pushes Damini into the room and closes the door, Kaveri asks her to open the door but Tulsi continuously hits Damini who says it’s nothing as she doesn’t have a personal fight with Radha but is trying to wrest Mohan from her. , Tulsi claims that Mohan was never hers, she reveals that Damini even tried to kill her but her death is just a small punishment for her because if Mohan finds out the truth he will not marry her again who is in love with her. greater punishment for Rahul asks Kaveri what he is doing when Kaveri tells him that Radha threatened to tell Mohan the truth so he should go and stop him, Rahul doesn’t understand when Kaveri says that Radha threatened her to tell him what they tried to do in the hospital. He should be stopped. Kaveri asks Tulsi to open the door.

Radha sees Mohan in the room and says that she will feel bad for what he is going to tell her but she needs to know the truth otherwise it will not be right for them, Rahul pushes Radha away when Mohan feels that he felt that he has called. its. Rahul says that he knows what she is trying to do as he tried to ruin her relationship with Mohan bhai, Radha questions whether Damini or Kaveri told her this as it was never her intention. She replies that she feels that he is not as intellectual or as bad as damini. Rahul says that he warned her not to go near Mohan, but Radha asks him not to forget what happened last time when she tried to stop him.
Tulsi continues to beat Damini as Rahul arrives, Kaveri is relieved that she stopped Radha but says that she went to Mohan’s room. Kaveri scolds her saying that Mohan is right to say that she is useless, she asks him to help her by entering her room since Damini would know how to end this problem. Rahul and Kaveri manage to break down the door, they ask Damini how she got the mark on her face but she says that they should stop Radha from telling Mohan the truth.

Radha walks into Mohan’s room and explains that she has to tell him something that might hurt him, she tells him that everything that happened to them in the last few months happened because of Damini, she feels that she should not waste her life. Gungun asks him to say something by marrying the wrong person, but he stands there silently.

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