Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini is worried that Mohan is suspicious of her actions.

Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini is worried that Mohan is suspicious of her actions.

Radha Mohan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini is worried that Mohan is suspicious of her actions.

Radha Mohan Dec 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Damini says that if Mohan had given Radha medicine, how did she get up so soon? Kaveri says that nothing has any effect on this girl, that she is capable of surviving anything. Damini says that when they gave her the pill it must have had an effect, Kaveri asks her what she means, Damini tells her that Mohan didn’t give her the medicine because he is suspicious of both of them, Mohan stands up in front of her. both Damini is surprised to see.

Some time ago, Gungun tells Radha that he loves her very much and that she feels that she loves him too, Gungun mentions to Radha that if they do good things, it happens in return, she mentions that it is thanks to Radha that he became a father of Mohan. Gungun then asks why they are doing so much injustice to Radha, she is locked in the room and he is not helping her either. Gungun angrily walks away explaining that if she doesn’t help him he will end their friendship, Mohan is furious.
Damini reveals her new dress excitedly, she asks how it fits her, Kaveri assures that she will definitely look good in this dress, she tells her that Damini will be the first woman who has changed four different clothes but has not married even once. Damini replies that she should marry only one person and that too Mohan. Assured by Damini that she will get married this time since there are only five hours left, she suggests to Kaveri that she go and enjoy herself in the meantime.

With Radha still unconscious in her room, Mohan slowly opens the door to hear Radha say that he should not marry Damini even though she is unconscious, he remembers when Gungun told Radha about his feelings. He tries to leave when she finds out and so does he. he shares the same feelings for her. Looking at her, Mohan remembers the moments he spent with Radha, how she was always with him when Gungun fell into the well and was admitted to the hospital, Mohan thinks about when Radha confessed her feelings for him. . Tulsi, standing behind Mohan, tells him that she knows Radha, so she must understand that she can never do anything; Tulsi begs him to trust her but Mohan closes the window again.

Tulsi turns to Bihari ji and tells her that he knows everything, he is the one who helped her to break through the protective cover, but today he is away from her, she begs him to show Mohan the right path.

Mohan is shocked to see Kaveri dancing with Rahul, he arrives angry and orders everyone to stop, Kadambari also gets angry when Mohan explains that he wants to have a simple wedding, he asks why Kaveri is so ready if there are still six left. hours left. Kaveri replies that this is not a drama but a celebration of their marriage, she tells him that he should wonder why everyone is changing their clothes since the marriage is still today, so they can enjoy this celebration because once Radha is sitting in At her daughter’s place, Kaveri tells her that she needs to look at her watch again as there are only five and a half hours left. Kaveri says that she knows that he is getting married for the second time, but this is the first and last time for her daughter, she says that she has waited so long for this moment and that she must not stop him. Mohan replies that Radha is sick, so this noise will disturb her. Kaveri angrily says that she will only wake up tomorrow morning, Mohan is tense and Tulsi also wonders what they both have done. Kaveri replies that she has seen in movies that when someone has a panic attack and is given a medication, she wakes up on her own after a whole day. Kaveri wonders why she looks at her with such a strange face, she wonders if she suspects them both.

Kaveri asks what he’s doing here, she asks him if he’s tired of wearing clothes. When Ketki threatens to tell her mother, Mohan tries to pull her hair. Mohan replies that what she has been doing since her childhood, Mohan explains that he is not sure about Damini and wants to know the truth, Ketki replies that everyone knows that Radha never lies so what is the problem, Mohan explains that he cannot refuse . this marriage as he had promised Damini, Mohan says that he needs proof that Damini is behind everything. Ketki asks him how she will achieve something when he replies that she is the one who will do it, she worries when Mohan whispers the plan in her ear and agrees to do it for him. Mohan reveals that he only has five hours left.

Radha slowly wakes up in her room as she remembers how Kaveri injected her with a syringe and passes out. Radha runs to the room calling for Mohan. Damini is surprised how she got up so early, Radha is still calling Mohan and Kadambari but they can’t hear her, as she walks Gungun hears Radha wake up. he thinks who will stop him from releasing Radha.

Gungun is about to open the door when Damini stops her and explains that Radha is the most dangerous of all, so they should not open the door. Gungun threatens Damini to shut her down if he comes between her and Radha. Damini says again that he is dangerous, so they are going to send him to an asylum. Damini stops Gungun but is shocked when Mohan angrily calls her from behind. Mohan scolds the drummers to stop as well, Kadambari runs upstairs with everyone.
Kaveri asks what happened, Mohan asks if he doesn’t know what is going on as he advised him not to call the drummers as now Radha has another panic attack because of them. Tulsi asks in surprise if she too has started to believe that Radha is sick when she is fine with her. Mohan angrily mentions that he thinks Kaveri doesn’t want this marriage to happen, Kaveri immediately dispatches the drummers. As he leaves the room, Mohan advises everyone to stay outside. Damini immediately stops her asking what if Radha tries to hurt her, she asks if Damini really thinks that Radha can do something bad to her, Damini thinks that if Radha tries to hurt her I tell her the truth so she is worried, Damini tells the doctor she said that seeing her there could be another attack, he replies that he is the only one who can handle her. Mohan looks at everyone and assures Damini that nothing bad will happen to him, he just wants her marriage to be no problem, Damini is forced to agree.

Mohan asks Radha to come back as he opens the door, Radha immediately hugs Mohan as soon as he opens the door, everyone is stunned by his behaviour. Radha cries continuously which makes Kaveri angry, Radha asks her to see how they have locked her in the room since she is not angry, Radha tells her that she wants to tell him the whole truth about Damini, she is worried about what might happen if Radha reveals the whole truth about him Radha tries to attack Damini once more but Mohan manages to hold her down, he tells Maa not to let anyone in as she is going to lock the door. Damini refuses to explain that she cannot risk Mohan’s life as he may be in danger with her, Radha angrily asks if Damini really believes that he can do something bad to Mohan. She can because she is safe with him, but Damini is close to him. Radha threatens to hurt Damini but Mohan angrily tells both of them to stop, Tulsi asks him to listen to Radha as she tells the truth. Mohan takes the rope and ties up Radha’s hands, Damini is relieved to see this as Mohan goes to bed, she whispers asking him if he trusts him but Radha tries to speak once more making Mohan angry once more tells him to shut up. Mohan explains that he understood something is wrong in this house, Radha replies that she was trying to warn him, Mohan asks him what he is doing, he asks him to do something but Radha doesn’t understand, Mohan explains that she should pretend to cry. Radha replies that she actually she might cry if he scolds her like that. Mohan explains that if what he said about Damini is true, no one can save him from her.

Radha starts crying because Mohan doesn’t believe her when she treats him as her god but he doesn’t believe her, Mohan asks why he goes to the corner, Mohan explains that if he is right in blaming Damini then he won’t do it. marry Damini but to prove her innocence he will have to tie him to the bed. Mohan yells at her once more which stuns Damini, she wonders what they are both talking about. Mohan asks what it takes to make her cry. Radha starts begging him not to marry Damini, Mohan asks if he should marry her, Radha replies that he started punishing her when she revealed her feelings, Mohan explains that she has done a lot so she should calm down a bit, and the crying which she does while staring at him when he advises her that she has to show it to everyone else. Mohan asks if she trusts him, Radha replies even more than Bihari ji and then Mohan explains that she will come back after some time.

Mohan leaves the room and explains that Radha won’t be able to go out even if she wakes up, Gungun leaves saying that he is really bad and she hates him. Kadambari asks Mohan if it was necessary when he explains that the doctor said that he is a danger to everyone, including himself. Mohan assures Damini that it won’t be too late.

Damini and Kaveri are still standing in front of the hall, Kaveri says that she is happy that everything is going according to her plan and called the drummers, after which all their troubles are over. Damini asks how Radha woke up when Mohan gave her the medicine, Kaveri mentions that no medicine affects Radha, Damini mentions that when Mohan actually gave her the medicine it will affect, Kaveri feels something and also doesn’t understand, Damini tells her that she doesn’t give it. and they were both acting when she started to doubt both of them, Kaveri is worried about what Mohan will do to both of them, which reveals that she had a lot of difficulty handling Radha. Damini asks Kaveri for her phone number so she can think of a plan, Kaveri takes it out, Damini walks past Kaveri but is shocked to see Mohan standing in front of her, staring at her, which scares Damini.

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