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Radha Mohan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini threatens Radha

Radha Mohan Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Radha mentions that she sees what a mother can do when her child is beaten in front of her, Kaveri calls the whole family and they are shocked to see Radha continuously beating Damini, Ketki tells Kadambari that she should not interfere as they both they can handle it. When Ajit explains that Radha is just beating Damini and that too with a stick, Mohan also comes and asks what she is doing, he asks her to stop. But she doesn’t listen, Mohan finally catches up with her and asks if she will really kill Damini, Radha replies that she will surely kill her if she thinks of hurting Gungun again, because she is his daughter, Radha says how dare she raise her hand on Gungun, he warns Damini to try it when he tells her what it means. Mohan says that Damini is innocent, Gungun is well standing in the corner, Kadambari goes to reveal Gungun.

Radha is shocked to see him, she turns to Damini and cannot understand, when Damini realizes that she has lost her mind after losing Mohan, they must see that she is ready to kill him. Damini accuses Radha of being like this from the beginning, Radha goes to Gungun and hugs her and asks if I’m alright, Gungun assures that she’s alright but asks what happened here.

Kaveri stands up and tells him that Radha was beating her daughter when they were enjoying in such a house but Radha wanted to do that but she only used Gungun name to defend herself, Mohan angrily stops Kaveri. He asks Damini if ​​she is alright and something happened between them, Damini tells him that she was really stressed so she went outside for some fresh air but Radha starts hitting her, Mohan tells her that she is questioned when Radha admits that she thought Damini was hitting her. However, Damini gets enraged and asks Gungun if she was hitting her, Gungun replies that he won’t let Damini hit her. Radha refuses to accept it and says that she herself saw Damini take Gungun out and then she was beating Gungun.

Damini remembers that Kaveri explained to her that she will not hurt Gungun today since then the whole family will beat her, Damini tells her about their plan, that they will bring some children from the streets to work for them, Kaveri seizes the opportunity after seeing and sending the money, the boy left. Radha asks Mohan to trust her as it is the plan of both Damini and Kaveri maasi. Damini tells Radha to stop her because she hit her before her and now she refuses to accept anything while instead blaming her. Damini asks if she has any shame left. Radha replies that she will not let Damini fool anyone else. Mohan angrily asks Radha what she is doing, Tulsi tells him that Radha must be telling the truth.

Damini alleges that Radha has lost her mind because she can’t stand him marrying her, Damini says that she had thought before that if she confesses her love in front of everyone, she might break the relationship, but when that was not the case. It happens that she lost her mind and is doing this to him. She was forced to sit in the mandap to marry him, but when she had nothing else to do, she acted as if there was a ghost in the house. Gungun gets angry when he hears about the ghost.

Radha asks Damini to stop as there is no need to talk about these situations, Damini tells Gungun that she should also know how Radha has gone crazy, Gungun tells her that Damini has lost her mind, she is a stupid person and meaningless. Kadambari angrily stops him and explains that he is really bad. Damini blames Radha for teaching Gungun to all these thugs, she tells him that she can’t get close to Gungun even if she wants to, she blames Radha for brainwashing Gungun once again as she is forced to marry Mohan . Damini asks if she knows what those girls are called, Mohan angrily explains to both of them that they are behaving like it’s a shooting, he motions for both of them to go inside.

Damini asks if there is any respect left for the daughter-in-law of the Trivedi family. Assured by Kadambari that there is nothing like that, Damini tells him that she does not want Radha to attend her wedding. Mohan asks how this can happen if they can’t forget what Radha has done for her family. Damini tells that she also sacrificed her half life for this family, but as soon as Radha entered her life, everything was ruined, so she will not let anything go wrong in their married life. Kadambari agrees with Damini that Radha has blamed Damini today and has also performed rituals with Mohan, so when Radha explains to Mohan that he doesn’t need to speak on his behalf, no one appears, she turns and explains that he he should think about why he constantly said that he should not marry Damini since she is not a suitable life partner. Kadambari comes angrily and tells Mohan to come in, she also tries to take Gungun who disagrees but Kadambari scolds her and explains that if Mohan agrees then what is her problem? The whole family is inside the house. He’s leaving. Kaveri also leaves with Damini.

Radha sits on the ground losing hope, wondering what she can do. Tulsi says that she knows Radha can never do something like this, Radha asks Bihari ji for help.

Kaveri and Damini are walking around when Kaveri praises their performance saying its all over now, Damini reveals that the drama is yet to end but she has to teach someone a lesson first.
Kadambari enters the room and asks Tulsi if she is here, Tulsi asks if she called her, Tulsi mounts the vase on the wall as Kadambari reveals that she has been gone for a long time and they both have only one cause which is to protect to Mohan. she must have forgotten what he is going to do, Kadambari apologizes to her as Damini quickly places protective shields around the room, Tulsi is stunned and tries to get out of it but this causes her to be thrown back inside. Kaveri said that the ghost itself is trapped, he was planning to help Radha, but he has to protect himself first. Tulsi asks Kadambari why she is doing this as she received it, Kadambari apologizes saying that she had no choice, Damini standing at the door mentions that she doesn’t have to feel sorry for Tulsi because she didn’t take Radha al mandap. As any problem would have arisen, Kadambari walks away without listening to Tulsi.

Tulsi wonders why both of them have captured her and what are they planning against Radha. Damini tells her that she has taken care of one but the other, Kaveri takes out the syringe saying that she is always ready.

Damini, standing in front of Radha, tells her that there are some things that can never change, like Radha is always trying to protect Gungun while she is trying to kill him. Damini tells her that once she gets married, she could do this in many ways. , either by poisoning him or even burning him. Radha angrily says that she will take her own life before this happens, she Radha feels strange so she turns to see Kaveri who has injected her with a syringe. Damini and Kaveri are smiling, Radha is worried.

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