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Radha Mohan 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan warns Damini after she threatens Radha

Radha Mohan 27 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Radha is sitting with Mohan, who explains that if someone had told her that their relationship and faith in God would be strong or that Gungun would ever call him dad, she would not have believed him, but since he came into her life, he would. has done. done everything so easily. Radha wonders if this is the right time to tell Mohan ji about Damini’s truth, Mohan replies that he knows that he has really hurt Radha but he knows that Damini is his childhood friend, they both went to the same collage but he fell in love. with her during the process he married Tulsi to start a new life after which she was waiting for him and even when Tulsi died Damini always took care of her family and business so she knew she would never do anything wrong , Radha thinks she can. Don’t break her trust that’s all and she needs to find some proof.

Mohan comes home with Radha and Gungun, Damini stops him and brings the dish, she says that she has saved so many children’s lives and even the whole village talks about her being bad. she about to perform aarti on her but he stops her explaining that someone else has saved the lives of the children and he deserves it, Damini asks who is she. Mohan mentions who saved her life, she cries when she sees another person suffering and never stops helping others, being the one who makes her believe that nothing will go wrong, she helps others without caring about herself, she protects and is always there. front. the problems of him with excess power. Mohan retrieves Radha’s hand, brings it in front of Damini, Radha’s aarti should happen. Ajit also agrees with Mohan that the aarti should be Radha’s alone.

Damini replies that he can come back from the dead and not Radha, Mohan replies that he was able to win thanks to Radha and she has always worked to improve this house, she as Durga Maa protected them and even brought happiness and peace. in the form of Lakshmi Maa. Although he is a bit weak when it comes to Saraswati Maa as he always avoids studying her, Radha asks him why he makes fun of her in front of everyone when Mohan replies that she is usually made fun of in front of everyone. to do but there is still something else, Mohan stands near Damini with a plate and she starts the aarti, Radha stops him by explaining that he is her god, Mohan replies but she is not a god Everyone is working so let her do it, all the family is smiling. Radha gets emotional when Mohan performs the aarti.

Mohan smiles and says that she forgot that she will cry standing here, Tulsi explains to Radha that in the future she will be Mohan’s wife, they all smile but Damini takes her to the corner and explains that she would be happy to have all this. flattered but whatever she does, she will not be able to become the daughter-in-law of this house, Radha replies that Damini should not forget that she no longer believes in her lies, she has realized that Kaveri has acted like an old woman and if she tells him the truth to Mohan ji, he won’t even marry her in two centuries, Damini asks why he thinks she will believe him, Radha questions why she won’t believe him.

Damini threatens Radha that after marrying Mohan, she questions what she was saying to Radha, she tries to come up with an excuse but he replies that he will have to make many excuses. He leaves, motioning for her to meet him in her room after ten minutes. Radha replies that she will not only have to explain herself but also answer her questions, Kaveri assures that everything will be fine but Damini tells her that Radha does everything even when she is afraid and if she can catch Mohan this time this will never happen if she doesn’t get married with Mohan, Kaveri assures that she will do anything to get him to marry Mohan, she advises Damini to focus on her marriage while she works on the family, Radha thinks Realizing that Kaveri can try whatever she wants, she swears that not letting Damini get married without telling her the truth.

Mohan flips the photo in the room and asks him if he is happy, Tulsi stands in front of him remembering how he explained that it hurts even to see his face, Mohan replies that he must be wondering why he took the photo of her so changed, like people He says that they make to see him all his life when he was about to die, but she refused to go near him, asking if he had taken the name Radha. Mohan says that it was just her thought as he thought the person who left her how could he be by his side when he was about to die but she came and asked him to come back to Radha and Gungun. Mohan thanks him for everything. , explaining that he would never have forgiven himself if he had walked away from Radha and Gungun, just like he would never forgive her. Tulsi says that this is what hurts her, she doesn’t know why God puts them in such a situation as she always prayed to him not to leave but now she prays, he never comes near her because Radha and Gungun are needed, and for leaving. he for a long time he feels that he will forgive her very soon as he will know the truth after marrying Radha. Tulsi thinks what Damini is doing here and asks her to go teach her a lesson.

Damini comes in to bring her the medicine and explains that he will take full care of her, Mohan asks when will she learn manners, Damini doesn’t understand, Mohan replies that she did wrong to Radha in the hospital and she heard what he said at her home today. , Damini apologizes for what she understood, she gets scared after what Pandit ji said, but Mohan asks if she will learn by herself after falling, he says if she makes a mistake, if she does, he won’t even give her a chance to apologize . Damini asks about his marriage, he replies that he himself said that he should be healthy, so he says that they will talk about it tomorrow, Damini calls his men to plan his plan.

Ketki asks Kaveri why she is in such a hurry to get them both married as Mohan Bhai is not even healthy enough to perform the rituals in the mandap, Ketki assures that they will do it once they are healthy or is she worried that Mohan will I married Radha. instead, Mohan marries Damini, Rahul thinks that there is a war between India and Pakistan, but not Mohan’s marriage, calling it nonsense.

Kaveri says that it is enough because how long will they wait for her daughter’s marriage and feels that Damini might be too old to get married. Radha coming downstairs says that Ketki is right as they cannot fix Mohan ji and Damini’s marriage at the moment, everyone is shocked.

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