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Radha Mohan 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari threatens Damini

Radha Mohan Sep 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Radha slowly opens her eyes, seeing the opportunity, she pulls the parking brake with all her might before getting out of the car, both saying that she shouldn’t be able to escape. Mohan while driving the car thinking that he felt as if he had seen Radha, Mohan gets a call from Shekhar asking if he has found out anything about Radha, but he replies that he will inform Mohan as soon as he finds something. he wonders where Radha has been taken. She is doing her best to escape from the kidnappers.

Gungun is with Kadambari when she asks him to cry because they will find Radha, Gungun tells Baithi that he just wants to be with Radha, Tulsi can’t stand it so Radha’s dupatta falls into Gungun’s lap. When Kadambari realizes what Tulsi is doing, she appreciates her. for helping, Tulsi says that Gumna smiles seeing Radha’s dupatta and that she does not want to send the girl away.

While on the run from the kidnappers, Radha manages to escape so they don’t know where she must have gone, the kidnapper thinks he has to tell the client to reveal that she ran away, Damini mentions that they are both six foot. There is more and they still couldn’t catch him, he asks what they can do when Damini advises them to kill him because if Radha comes back this time they will both die or be arrested. He agrees to complete the job. Damini thinks that Radha will have to die if he wants to live her life in peace.

Damini and Kaveri are stunned to hear the doorbell ring, so she runs to open it, Radha stands in front of her and then pushes Damini back, explaining that she is behind everything that has happened in this house. world but she knows that Damini brought Hriday to this house and she also hired these kidnappers, Kadambari asks if she is behind this but Damini doesn’t answer so Radha tells her that she doesn’t even know what else they could have done for this House. Damini continues to wonder how everyone is going to interrogate her, but she suddenly wakes up when the policeman explains that they have identified the criminals from the CCTV footage. Well, both of them are involved in a lot of bad practices, so they can’t go. without saying because she is right. Outside for her safety, Damini wonders what has happened to her as she dreams while she is awake.

Radha hides behind a car while fleeing from the kidnappers. They slowly walk towards her, so she tries to run away from her, but her lehenga gets stuck in her tire. Radha worries about what will happen, so she rushes to find another one and manages to hide next to her. Radha sees Mohan coming towards her in the car but she hides once again seeing the kidnappers, Radha throws a rock to distract them both and then starts calling Mohan, he also sees her in the rearview mirror but just as is about to turn the car, they manage to drive him away. Mohan calls Radha as she gets out of the car but she gets stuck and he can’t give her a signal, he blames himself for everything why she left him alone, he doesn’t hear Radha’s crying so he runs to sit in the car in front of her. the. Mohan leaves after which Radha is stunned, they say that she tried to distract them but now she will have a hard time.

Radha tells him to let Mohan ji call him incessantly, they manage to drive with Radha in the car.

While praying in the temple Gungun says that Radha has been kidnapped, he knows that Radha is her best friend so Bihari ji should protect her, Rahul mentions to come she is standing here so rest. Radha will definitely come back. Ketki tells her that Gungun hasn’t eaten anything so she may be sick, Kadambari tells her that she is also worried and worried about Gungun, Kaveri whispers to Damini that she too Gungun is going to become a mother so there should be something Out of concern, Damini, who goes to Gungun, tells her that Radha will definitely come back, but Gungun warns her to stay away as she will be happy thinking that Radha should be in this house and should never come back. Damini replies that she also wants him to come back but if she stays hungry, Gungun tells her that she will continue praying here and no one will stop her, Kaveri tells her that her daughter went to explain, Damini’s bully leaves when the call comes , Kadambari begins to doubt her and remembers how Damini had blackmailed her as well, she manages to connect the dots on how Damini will marry Mohan at all costs.

Damini is glad to know that Radha has been caught, walking down the hall, Kadambari feels like he can’t take it anymore, the thugs reveal that they can’t take Radha anywhere and therefore what they can do to her. Damini says that they should cut her into little pieces, but Radha shouldn’t run away this time.

Damini turns to see Kadambari standing in the doorway, she walks up to her and asks if he has anything to do with this kidnapping, Damini asks if he has lost his mind, no matter what happens in this house, they always blame him for All this. Kadambari warns him to silence her voice as he must not forget who she is, as Damini thinks if he accepts her suggestions she can force him to do anything, but he must know if he finds out about her. this kidnapping then Damini will go bankrupt. Damini thinks that he has to do something with Kadambari because if he tells Mohan the truth, he will surely kill her.

Mohan and Shekhar are with the police at the roadblock when they constantly ask the inspector if he has found anything, he replies that they will definitely find Radha today or tomorrow, Mohan asks how he can talk like that and all his police can’t. they force them to look for a single girl so they are wasting their time, the inspector angrily questions what they were doing because the girl was kidnapped in front of his house, the police always pay the price for a family dispute, Shekhar tells Mohan how they can arrest him for misbehaving with the police.

The inspector explains that he can understand Mohan being upset that his wife is not with him, but if he loves her so much, what was she doing outside the house? Mohan remembers how he refused Radha to enter the house, he thinks if something happens to Radha today it will be because of her, Mohan is really upset.

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