Radha Mohan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari decides to take the help of Tulsi

Radha Mohan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari decides to take the help of Tulsi

Radha Mohan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari decides to take the help of Tulsi

Radha Mohan Aug 15, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan is still standing by the well with his father and brother, Kadambari says that Mohan has taken on the identity of a good father to protect his daughter, Gungun tells Radha that the water is still coming, Ketki reveals that this is going from side, they are all stunned to see it and worry about what they are going to do, Radha mentions that not even the water stops. Gungun calls both Radha and Mohan back. The reporter mentions that the water keeps entering the well and it will be difficult to protect him if the water does not stop, it will kill him.

Mohan asks Radha what she is doing and Ketki doesn’t even understand when Kadambari explains that this is how they make little mud hills to keep the water out of the fields, Gungun calls Radha back because the water keeps coming in. Well Radha tries to act as soon as possible to stop the water, Ketki notices blood coming out of her hand so she informs Kadambari about it but the injury doesn’t stop Radha as he kills Gungan. Focusing to save, Ajit says that only Radha can. She does this and suggests that everyone help her as well, Kadambari calls everyone to join her to start preparing the ground to stop the water by placing bricks around them, Damini is upset to see them. It’s when Gungun says that the water is still coming in. Along with the mud, Mohan mentions that they have to keep the mud from getting in. Gungun once again asks Radha to pull her out as she is leaking more, Major asks everyone to go back as the girl is sinking, but Radha continues to work to protect Gungun. Damini yells that as much as Radha takes the name Bihari ji, she feels that she is also on her side.

Gungun sinks a little as Rahul asks why they are standing here while his daughter sinks, he threatens to suspend them all if they don’t do anything else, Mohan screams in pain as Kadambari asks him to stay calm. His hand starts to bleed but he doesn’t come out the door.
Khadi Kaveri shouts what is happening and prays that they do something to save her, Pandit ji assures her that there is nothing to worry about as Gungun will surely be fine.

Gungun once again asks Radha to take her out; when she replies that her father is doing everything he can, he assures her that he will definitely help her out of it. The doctor explains that the baby is very scared, so she is crying, but it is not good for her since there is less oxygen in the well, she will die if she does not stop crying. Radha warns him not to think of saying such a thing again as nothing will happen to her daughter if she understands. Mohan assures Gungun that nothing will happen to him as he just needs a little more time, Radha sees the blood and tension flowing from Mohan’s hands so she runs off, Kaveri wondering where he will go.

Radha runs to the temple in the house and kneels down, saying that Bihari ji has control over everything, so what crime has Gungun committed that is giving him such a difficult task? She is a girl. Who has no mother then? What is she doing? There are so many problems in her life that she is doing this test on her. Grandma also prays that she does not do this test on a small child.

Major asks Kadambari to come back, but she replies that her daughter is inside and he’s not doing anything.

Radha says that even if she wants to take the test she must do it but make sure Gungun gets out of the well, Tulsi asks Radha not to say anything as she is Gungun’s last hope and helps her out. She should help but nothing. he can happen to her. Dadi also asks why she said that because there is a time when prayers are accepted, Radha assures that she wants this prayer to be accepted, but something that should not be for Gungun.

While Kadambari and the whole family are covering the corners, Kadambari assures that the water will not enter anymore, Shekhar also begins to argue with the chief who threatens to report him, the heart wonders since when do families get together like this.
Radha says that she will do everything to save Gungun but she has to give him the strength that only a mother can give to her daughter, which Tulsi ji can give to Gungun. While praying Radha thinks that she has to take Tulsi to Gungun because she needs her mother, Tulsi asks her if she knows she is here so she asks her to bring her to protect Gungun, Tulsi keeps asking Radha but she is escape. Tulsi Kun, when she remembers how Gungun said that the name of this plant is also Tulsi and came on her mother’s birthday, she felt as if her mother was behind her.

Radha runs into the house passing Tulsi but as she is about to run past her feet she gets caught in the protective shield, she tries to remove her legs but in the end she can’t kneel down, Tulsi says she understood why she won’t let him go because when Yashoda Maa was with her, her mother was in jail, so she was locked up. She has chosen Radha to protect Gungun, she prays that Radha will gain the strength to protect her daughter.

Gungun once again mentions that the mud is falling on him, Mohan asks where Radha is. When Kadambari sees her running towards him, Radha kneels down and holds the plant in her hand and says that she knows. That Tulsi ji is here because a mother can always find a way for her children. Now she is sending out the Tulsi plant humming as her blessings, everyone is stunned to see Radha. She says sitting down that all her love and affection must be on this floor, Kadambari turns to look at the house and she also needs her help to get Tulsi and Gungun out, she must help him. Kadambari thinks that she should do something, Kaveri says that she doesn’t know that Gungun Maa is somewhere around her.

Kadambari finds out something so she leaves without answering anyone, Kaveri wonders where she went and starts following her, Radha sees Gungun who once again asks her to get them out. , Damini asks him what is this madness because she is going to do this in such a situation, Mohan tells Damini saying Stop that it is his faith and the only thing that matters is that his daughter has survived either with faith or superstition he yells at him that it stops.

Radha reads something and manages to throw the falling leaf right over her head, everyone stares at the murmurs as Radha cries.

Kadambari sees protection so he calls out to Tulsi, he has tears in his eyes and mentions that he knows Tulsi is here because he can’t leave Gungun, he has done what he wanted but to protect him, he can’t do it so he is requesting it. open. Security, he must come rescue Gungun. Tulsi asks her to do it as soon as possible, Kadambari kneels down to open it and tries while Tulsi assures her that she won’t let anything happen to her, Kadambari does her best but can’t while Tulsi, not being able to wait any longer, she is crying incessantly. .

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