Radha Mohan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hriday warns Damini and Kaveri

Radha Mohan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hriday warns Damini and Kaveri

Radha Mohan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hriday warns Damini and Kaveri

Radha Mohan Aug 13, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan goes to the well holding the wooden door over his head, he holds it so the well doesn’t get wet, seeing Radha smile what Mohan is willing to do to save her daughter.

Kaveri pushes Damini who questions what he is doing when Kaveri asks what kind of problem has he created for them because if Gungun survives it will mean both of their deaths, Damini replies that she knows this, but Kaveri replies every time they try to figure something out. The problem causes even more problems, so she doesn’t know what to do. She explains that if Gungun was pulled from the well, then she will tell Mohan the truth about the heart that will cut his throat as Lord Mohan. Damini asks her to stop as she can’t think straight, Kaveri replies that she better not think as it causes more problems, the heart is the result of her thinking, so what is the point of bringing that heart ? The need was because she could. bringing anyone from the street and even Dumbro would be enough, Damini replies that she needs to bring someone who will always take orders from her, but Kaveri explains that the heart is yet to come. Also, she doesn’t listen to them and make them as they seem, Damini asks. How could she understand why they were so upset?

Mohan holds the door. When Kadambari mentions that he has taken the position of an admirable father to save his daughter, Mr. Trivedi mentions that his son has actually become a Gridhari to save Gangaan from the rain. Mohan loses his balance as Mr. Trivedi rushes to grab the door that relieves him, but then Rahul also comes to his aid by holding the door on the other side.

Kaveri asks Damini to understand how she shouldn’t think about marrying Mohan, Damini asks what she’s saying when Kaveri replies that she means they should marry the person they know about, but hearing what Damini says he feels that Damini No. he knows what he will do to save Gungun as he holds the door to save her and save her until the end of time. Can, he has already lost Tulsi and he will not let history repeat itself by losing his daughter, since the father is a hero to his daughter, but Mohan becomes a superhero and must not forget that he you are not alone. Rather, Radha has to stand next to him, since the policemen mistook both of them for their parents, so how could they not think of that because she had fallen? inside since they found it, she didn’t leave a hole. When Radha starts to cry, Mohan calms her down and everything remains as she is, then she realizes that they both fall in love with her, even though she is not warm after this incident, but then they are both together. Damini asks him not to say anything else and assures her that she will never let this happen.

Hriday is standing with her mother and wondering how she got so much strength as she won’t even allow Gungun to die in peace, Lata says that she is worried about what will happen to her after Gungun is saved.

Hriday asks where Lata is taking her, when she tells him that if Gungun gets out alive they will die but they better go now, Hriday tells him not to worry as she is out of the well. Hriday reveals that there is a ghost in the house which she is surprised to hear, but then starts laughing and says that he is joking with her. How does he know when he revealed that he heard Kadambari talking to the ghost and asked him to drop the vase, not knowing Gungan’s whereabouts, he also saw that before falling on Radha, someone dropped the pot? Lata tells her that there is a ghost to protect the girl who is in the well, Hriday asks her if she ever thought of taking them out of the house every time she wants to talk to them, Lata starts to smile, then mother and daughter They both think that are really smart, Hriday replies that they both have to pay for what they have done, as he will take double the money from Damini for this lie.

Gungun tells Radha that the water has stopped coming out, Radha tells her that her father has held the door to prevent the water from falling into the well, her grandmother was right that parents protect their children, she looks at Mohan with respect and his eyes are filled with love.

Kaveri enters the place with Damini who accepts that what her mother said is true, nothing can separate Radha and Mohan, the two are destined to be together. Kaveri asks what he is saying when Damini replies that he saw how they both came together to save Gungun and if he comes to know that he is behind it, he will definitely marry Radha, Kaveri asked him to calm down but he questioned how she could do it. when he finally thought of marrying her after a long time, she was sure it would happen but now everything is ruined. Damini explains in a state of confusion how they should go and Mohan must reveal the whole truth, blaming Hriday behind this, Kaveri asks her if she thinks Hriday will remain silent since she too should reveal the whole truth after which Mohan tells them. he will kill as he had sworn while searching for Gungun. Kaveri mentions that her half-life and strength are gone by matching her horoscope. She is about to marry Mohan. Damini questions how this can happen when Kaveri explains that they should do something after which they don’t blame them and even, she marries Mohan, Kaveri tells her that she wants to kill Hriday in this house. She is about to bring and should do something. for her to take all the blame away from him that Mohan feels that Mohan will do whatever he wants for her.
Hriday approaches them clapping his hands and tells them that they are both trying to clear all the stones from their path but they are trying to trick them, Lata explains that the game they are both playing, he already owns that game, he tells Hriday that he It shows messages sent by Damini, including payment, and takes a screenshot before you can delete them. Kaveri begins to smile explaining that they are both on the same team and that she was just joking, Hriday replies that he is the one who will throw her in the lake if she doesn’t have the key to her daughter’s locker, he tells them to leave. The game ends so they both leave, Hriday promising to show them who’s boss.

Gungun once again says that the water is coming, everyone starts to think where the water is going when Ketki says that it is flowing from the shore, everyone gets upset because it doesn’t stop, Radha gets upset after a while thinking how can they stop, she is very worried.

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