Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider and Gazal share their last moments together

Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider and Gazal share their last moments together

Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider and Gazal share their last moments together

Rabb Se Hai Dua Jan 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Dua is looking for Haider in the godown. The inspector says we can’t let you stay here now, let’s get out.

Ghazal and Haider embrace under the rubble. She says that she never wanted to bring trouble between you and Dua. Haider says that she did not bring any trouble, she says that I am sleepy. Haider says nothing will happen to you. She gathers some strength and pushes a rock, Ghazal is able to breathe again and thanks her. She smiles at him.

Daroga tells Dua that this building will collapse soon, so we can’t let you stay here. Dua grabs the buttons on Haider’s shirt and says now I’m sure he’s here. Ruhaan says are you sure? Dua says yes, I know she’s around. She goes to check the building and calls out to him. The inspector says we have to drag you. Dua says no. The police grab, Ruhaan says we have to leave now because it’s dangerous. They start dragging Dua from there.

Haider asks Ghazal if he’s alright. She nods and says that I had so many dreams, I thought I would get a job and then in 5 years I would have my business and then I would get married and have children. I thought about traveling the world with my partner. I kept dreaming but I never thought that destiny had something else in store for me. He says thank you Haider for coming to save me without thinking. Haider says that I trust my mother’s prayers, so don’t lose hope. I know your father must be praying for you too, my mother also says Ghazal.

Hina says that this is happening because of me, I took the most precious thing from Ghazal, I am his sinner. Gulnaz yells at him and says that you slapped me for my son, but I won’t forgive you if something happens to Ruhaan. Hina says that I’m worried about her too. Gulnaz leaves angrily.

Gulnaz is worried and says that once Ruhaan returns, I will separate him from Haider and Dua forever.

Dua and Ruhaan leave the warehouse. Dua listens to the Azaan and starts offering Namaz right there.

Ghazal tells Haider that I never thought any man other than my father would risk his life to save me and I never thought it would be you. Haider says that maybe your father’s prayers worked and he sent me to find you. Ghazal says: I wish we could have another life, I wish I could have a better life with happy parents, less pain, but maybe God wanted this for me. Haider says that everyone thinks his pain is greater, I promise I had my share of pain. Think of my mother when she finds out that her youngest son has died and Dua has to be alone… It can’t be. I can’t die I can’t give up my prayers.

The inspector asks Dua to cooperate with them and leave the place. Dua finds a cat and tells Ruhaan that he is following danger, which means Haider is nearby. Ruhaan says we can’t stay here. Dua says I’m sure Haider is around so I won’t go. Dua asks him to bring her water. He goes to pick it up. Dua escapes from there.

Ghazal tells Haider that I can’t lie to myself, I think the time has come to leave this world. Haider says that I only pray that my mother, dua and my family remain in peace after my death…they may be broken after my death.

Dua starts chasing the cat and hides from the inspector. He sees her again going to the godown.

Ghazal tells Haider that I was wrong about you, if you love your family and wife so much then you can’t be cruel. Haider says that I was wrong about you too, you are dying and you keep dreaming of meeting your father, you can never be a bad person. Dua was right about you. She knows people better than me. Ghazal asks if Dua will remember her after she dies. Haider says that you are not one of those people who can be forgotten. Ghazal is shocked and stares at him.

The cat enters the warehouse and Dua follows it. Dua says that I know Haider is here and I’m not leaving without him. She calls them. Ghazal hears her voice and tells Haider that maybe we are listening and dreaming about the person who is close to us. I’m dreaming as prayer is calling us. Haider hears more clearly and is dua. I can hear him, he is close. If she is near, she will save us. Dua yells at them and tells them to answer me. The inspector arrives and says enough. They are about to drag it away, but Haider hits the remains with a rock. Dua overhears this and tells the inspector. They look around. Dua asks if it’s Haider. He hits again.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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