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Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider saves Gazal’s life again

Rabb Se Hai Dua Jan 25, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Dadi tells Dua that I think Ghazal has his eye on Haider. Dua doesn’t say anything like that, he just longs for the love of the family. Dadi calls Gajal and asks if he saw his cutter. I didn’t understand Dua says don’t worry, I’ll buy you another one. Dadi says that money can’t buy everything, I brought it from my parents’ house, it was the last memory of my father and Ghazal will know the value of him more. Ghazal nods and says that I have lost my father’s house and understand its importance. Dadi says we should renew your father so you can go back to your father’s house. She asks Dua to start renovating his house. Ghazal was surprised, she nodded. Dadi tells Dua that I know what I’m doing and that it’s for the best.

Ruhaan tells Ghazal that Hina shouldn’t call you her daughter because I am her son. Ghazal says that talking to you is useless. Ruhaan says that I have become useless since I saw him, if we don’t get married, my heart will fail. Ghazal asks him to be quiet and leaves. Ruhaan says that I will talk to Hina about our marriage.

Ghazal tells Gulnaz that I have an idea and after tonight they will have no idea to kick me out of this house. She tells the idea to her, but Gulnaz says that it is a dangerous plan. Ghazal says that we cannot be afraid if we want to achieve what we want.

At night, Gulnaz screams and calls everyone. The water is filling up in the living room. Rahat says where does this water come from? Ghazal is lying in the bathtub and thinks that now I am going to start my drama. He hits his head and passes out in the full tub. Ruhaan comes to the family and says that Ghazal is not in his room. Haider says if there’s a leak I’ll go check the bathroom. Rahat says that the bathtub must have spilled. Gulnaz says what if Ghazal is inside? Hina worries about him. Gulnaz says what if Ghazal had slipped in the bathtub and drowned? Hina says don’t say that. Dadi says that this is all Gulnaz drama, that nothing will happen to him and that even if he does, then she is better. Gulnaz says don’t be cruel. Haider tries to open the bathroom door. He calls out to Ghazal but she doesn’t answer. Hina is worried and prays for Ghazal. Dua says that he will be fine. Ruhaan and Haider break down the bathroom door, finding Ghazal lying in the bathtub, and she is unconscious. Haider yells Ghazal and pulls her off. Everyone sees Dua sees Ghazal in Haider’s arms. Haider forced her to lie down on the sofa. Dua says that she is breathing but her lungs are full of water. Ruhaan goes to call the doctor. Hina and Dua ask Ghazal to wake up. Dua says not to worry. Gulnaz says that someone has to give him CPR to save his life. Do something before it’s too late. She thinks that Gajal must be faking fainting. Hina says to do anything but save her. Haider sees and grabs Ghazal’s face, he is about to give him mouth-to-mouth CPR, but Ghazal coughs and wakes up. Gulnaz hugs him and whispers that you should have acted for a while longer. Ghazal whispers that I really passed out. Hina hugs him and tells him thank God you’re okay, she asks what happened. How did you get in Dadi think how did Gulnaz know about the water? I think they are doing this drama together. Hina asks Dua to take Ghazal from there. Ghazal smiles at Haider and thinks that he saved my life twice and proved that my love for him is not wrong. She thanks Haider and Dua takes her from there. Gulnaz smiled.

The doctor examines Gajal and Hina asks him to rest. She gives him soup. The doctor asks what happened in the bathroom? Ghazal says I don’t remember what happened to me, maybe I got there in my sleep, but sometimes I’m not used to walking in my sleep. The doctor says that he could have done it due to stress or trauma. Dua says yes, she has been through a lot of stress. Ghazal cries and says why is God punishing me? The doctor says that she may have PTSD, so her only solution is to take care of her and not leave her alone. Hina says now I won’t even let her out of my sight. Gajal hugs him and thinks that I wanted the same.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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