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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Keerti’s death shatters Ravi

Pyaar Ke Saat Vachan Dharmapatni Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Ravi getting the get well note soon and he tells Keerti that they will find the mystery girl who donated her blood and they will thank her. The nurse asks him to come out. Ravi asks him what happened to him. The doctor arrives there and tells him that his body is not responding as they thought. Ravi asks them to save him. Pratiksha reaches Hansa. Hansa says I’m lucky, otherwise I thought he had to send Parul there. Kinjal tells Hansa that Pratiksha donated blood to the girl who had an accident at her place. Hansa says that they were rich and asks if they give you any gifts in return. Pratiksha says that he will never do anything for a deal. Hansa says that he is not smart and says that if he wants, he can give parts of his body to anyone. Prateek gets a call from Malhar and tells him that the guy from the car had come to pick him up. He says that he will give you the key. He takes the bike keys instead of the car keys. Pratiksha says that he will give her the car keys and leaves. Ravi leaves the hospital and stands near the car that hit Keerti. Adi calls him and tells him that Gulshan has filed a complaint with the police. Ravi says that the police work slowly and asks them to analyze the footage from the security cameras. He rams the same car in frustration. Prateek sees her from behind and asks Pratiksha who is that boy. Pratiksha reaches the car but Ravi is not there. Prateek gives the car owner the keys and he gets into the car. Ravi walks in. The nurse says that Kirti’s condition is very critical. Ravi gets angry. He looks at Keerti through the window pane and finds her opening her eyes. He walks in and says you said you can’t live without me, so how are you going to die without me? He says that God made you just for me. He says you won’t leave me, I knew you would fight to the death and come back.

He says that I will never leave you. Kirti gets excited too, but she can’t speak. Kirti looks at Kavya. Ravi says look at me, that’s it, I won’t let anyone else come between us. Kavya sits on the floor near the bed. Keerti tries to say, but her condition worsens. Ravi calls the doctor and asks him not to betray and her wedding is close to her. He asks her not to hold her breath. Keerti stops breathing. They all cry. Ravi was surprised. Gulshan reaches there and asks what happened. He says that this hospital is useless, we will take her to another hospital. Deep asks Gulshan to take care of her and says that she is gone. Gulshan asks to speak to her and cries. Deep asks her to handle herself. Ravi asks Gulshan not to cry and says that I will wake up Kirti, she is sleeping. He says that we will complete the wedding rituals and says that he will wear the Gujarati dress chosen by her. He says that they are going on a road trip for the honeymoon. He asks Mandeep not to cry because now they will get married. He asks her not to cry and says that he will wake her up. The doctor says Ravi, she no longer exists. Ravi asks have you gone crazy? The nurse removes the oxygen mask from her nose. Ravi tries to hold him back and asks how to do it correctly. He asks Kirti to breathe. He tries to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but they stop him and tell him to take care of her. Mandeep makes her notice her and she cries hugging him. They all cry.

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